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I have not heard from you and will work on the assumption that you are Node, unless yo answer to the contrary.
Yes I understand you were commenting on what Clark stated, but will leave it to him to address your comments to him.

Whether there is solid protective and lasting immunity, is something that has not been demonstrated yet, but there are preliminary findings, such as the comment by E.T. above which are hopeful. As to effects on other organs, my belief is that it is minimal, the major effect being on the respiratory tract. Other effects are probably should be taken as complications of being seriously ill and nursed in ITU. Some immunological effects may also extend to other organs and some long term general unwellness ‘Long Covid’ may also ensue, but this is all under investigation. I have seen no evidence that it affects IQ or fertility.

Now you make this statement:

“If you believe for a single second that masks, pretend (meaningless)distancing, or healthy people locking themselves up and consequently making themselves more susceptible to each and every virus is a healthy option i would have to assume you were insane.”

This statement has some truth but mixed with others that I do not agree with. There is evidence that face masks and distancing and isolation do have an effect on the spread of the virus. There is ample evidence simply by examining the effect that these measures had in suppressing the first wave. But I agree with you in so much that the isolation procedures were not properly done. Self isolating at home with your family when you have symptoms, and when testing was not widely available, meant that homes became breeding grounds for virus multiplication within families. Proper enforced isolation, as was done in China and elsewhere was more effective, and as a result the virus is suppressed in China and some other places, but not in Europe and US, because governments will not allow proper isolation, which also require facilities run by the state, which has never happened here.
But then you make a truly odd statement

“Has the economy been flattened enough yet?”

Which is what I commented on. You are implying that that was the primary reason for the lockdown, flattening the economy, and that is odd.