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  • arsalan

    I’m bored.
    Thinking about doing a PhD, is it easy relaxing tax free money, with flexible working hours, or an unnecessary headache?

  • Clark

    Hello Arsalan, good to see you’ve found the open thread. What are you thinking of doing your PhD in? I really enjoyed university. Maybe I should go again.

  • arsalan

    Well, any that would take me?
    I have a 2:1 hon, in an Engineering degree. And they all seem to say they want a minimum 2:1 but will consider 2:2.
    I haven’t worked since Uni because my son is ill.
    Hospital can’t be arranged around work, and I don’t think even the most understanding employers would be flexible enough for my circumstances.
    So what I want is a paid PhD. They seem to offer between 13 K and 16K.

    My son looks normal so a lot of people like judging me. And that is getting to much for me.
    And even if they didn’t I really need something to do.

    I just don’t know how to apply properly. I left a message on an answer phone. I believe I made a mess of that message so can cross that University off my list. I have also sent an email to another one, where the lady said she doesn’t think I am suitable for hers, but will forward it to others. I think that was because I stated in the email I don’t think I am suitable and can she forward it to others?
    Why did I do that?

  • arsalan

    I also think my CV is shit.
    I know we are meant to sell ourselves in cv’s and cover letters and when we phone people up, but right now, I am sort of feeling messed up and worthless.
    People have been telling me, “if fresh foreigners can jump straight off the boat in to a brilliant shelf stacking job at Morrison why cant you”.

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