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And it is my hope that the moderators of this forum don’t take heed of your warning SA! I didn’t personally follow the links which nothinguptop provided, but this concept of suppressing what is labelled by someone as ‘misinformation’ is, in my view, not a good thing and never will be. But it is everywhere, not least the latest Facebook suppression of groups claiming the US election has been rigged. I have no idea if it has been rigged or not, and find Biden and Trump equally loathsome myself, albeit for different reasons, but trying to suppress the voices of those that passionately believe it has, is unhelpful and inflammatory. If you encounter a proponent of a an argument contrary to one’s own, surely one should set out a counter argument, not simply dismiss it because you don’t rate them as an individual. This is so common nowadays. The commenters on this site seem to me well able to sift information and form a conclusion without having it pre-judged so that it fits someone else’s definition of veracity. Lets not try and bring that here too!