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Steph, here’s some conspiracy theory from nothinguptop:

“I can only assume you like SA are avoiding that for some reason.”

Hinting that Dredd and SA are part of the conspiracy.

“not low confidence shit like the Lancet tried to get away with”

Hinting that the Lancet is part of the conspiracy.

“You’ll kick yourself when you realise”

ie. “I’m cleverer than you”, the stance that conspiracy theorists always take. By their own definition, conspiracy theorists are better than mere sheeple, so if you the reader wish to rise above the dumb herd you’ll have to join them.

“You seem to have misled by mass media bullshit”

As I pointed out in my previous comment, it’s always “you’re a dupe of the mainstream media”.

It’s also unpleasant aggressive trolling; this sort of stuff is part of why I haven’t commented for the last fortnight. Driving other commenters away aids its effectiveness.