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Why do people get so hysterical about the expectation of transparency in scientific decision making?

SAG-E should (like everyone in certain positions) be clear and open.
Truth is they haven’t been and that’s a concern.

They didn’t initially even reveal who was involved*. Once they did we see 7 mathematicians but not a single immunologists.
Seems a strange set up.

They don’t have a very good record do they.
Here’s a very polite way of saying “liars”.

‘The use of data has not consistently been supported by transparent information being provided in a timely manner. As a result, there is potential to confuse the public and undermine confidence in the statistics.’

OSR Statement regarding transparency of data related to COVID-19

And who can forget this hysterical rubbish that Vallance tried to later claim wasn’t a forecast.

“Saturday’s Downing Street press conference had scientists present graphs suggesting England could see 4,000 daily deaths early next month”

SAGE models overestimation of deaths

* Here’s those involved.

You can find the minutes as well, but you might notice some bits missing and two names retracted.

Does that not raise questions?

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