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N_ – “One thing is for sure: the controllers of how this virus is covered in the media are deliberately scaring the cr*p out of people.”

Capital controls the media. Media is sensationalised because it’s just bait, to attract the most readers, so that more can be charged for the adjacent advertising space, because that’s how “news” media makes money.

Corporations are like organisms; they adapt to their environment or they get out-competed. Commercial organisations’ environment is capitalism. This theory explains the sensationalism without the need for deliberate or coordinated fear-mongering among controllers; throughout its existence each “news” organisation has been routinely replacing staff with those who attract more readers, so come the pandemic, all the “diverse” “news” media were pre-optimised for sensationalism, and is capable of little else.

Everything under capitalism is like this. No matter what a commercial organisation ostensibly does – whether it makes furniture, publishes music or designs corporate slogans – that function is secondary at best. None of the stuff we’re surrounded by is optimised to be good at what it’s supposedly for; it’s optimised to maximise profit.