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“During WW2 the British government took control of steel production. All steel was supposed to be produced “in the public interest”, because, y’know, there was a war on.”

That would have been the correct approach to the current crises. It would also have been the correct approach in 2008 when the banks stole our money and were then bailed out at our expense and told to go on stealing our money but do it quietly.

I even wrote something similar to what you said above about commandeering and common good to my local MP, who shall remain nameless, and she wrote back to say what a good idea she will pass it on to the appropriate department, but of course nothing happened.

What has happened since the war was something nasty called Margaret Thatcher, who declared that there is no such thinhg as society. Each shark to himself and the minnow have to just survive somehow.
And my feeling now is that there is no neoliberal capitalist way out of this crisis, there is only a socialist one. Countries which are the most advanced in neoliberalism also have the worst death rates and poorer control, and countries with civic adherence and sense of belonging and perhaps still a bit of socialism are doing better.