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‘your response to customers who wanted to encourage wildlife but were told to just lock their back doors.’

By whom? Certainly not by me and if you had read what I said you would have seen that. I have designed and planted many ‘wildlife gardens’ in my life. But they will never have a greater abundance of natural wildlife as a piece of totally wild and uncultivated ground.

‘Me, I have a natural lawn and as a result I now have 4 species of Dactylorhiza growing and self seeding in the lawn.’

Great! And your point is?

‘I was referring to natural medicine’

Well you are definitely on your own there then, as I have very little interest in it and certainly never mentioned it. As Mr Paisley almost fell over himself in his rush to point out I did, semi-seriously, say that maybe the virus was ‘natures’ way of correcting an imbalance, with which you appeared to agree. I apologise for overlooking that remark when I replied earlier. It was made before I realised he/she was utterly devoid of a sense of humour.

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