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The general point for discussion is, do you believe that SARS COV2 is a serious threat or not?’

I am a little reluctant to get involved in this discussion again, so in all fairness should not have posted that link I suppose. I left the link because I thought it was perhaps significant that the WHO have felt it necessary to post such a caution at this time. Even more so if, as you say, it was entirely unnecessary for them to do so as everyone is already following the correct procedures. It is nothing, although I can well understand how you will be suspicious of my motives.

To answer your question (and I am glad of an opportunity to do so and hope I can post before feathers start to fly again) – I am confident it is a significant cause of deaths at the moment. I am confident it is more contagious than other known coronaviruses. I am confident it has not been ‘planned’ by malevolent forces. I am confident that simple precautions can reduce the spread, as with all bacteria and viruses. That about sums up the things I am 100% sure of I think. I cannot say whether it is a ‘serious threat’ because a) ‘serious’ is a somewhat subjective assessment and b) what constitutes a ‘serious threat’ to us as a species is different to what constitutes a threat to us as individuals. I have not personally encountered any serious consequences of the virus and don’t know anyone who knows anyone else who has (that does not mean I think nobody has). On the other hand I have personally encountered people ‘seriously’ affected, individually, by the restrictions. My concern now, and has been since shortly after the outbreak occured, whether the response is causing more cases of individual suffering than the virus does. Without scrupulous attention to detail it is not possible to assess anything really.