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‘In stead of focusing on the inadequate response and the real cause of economic and social hardship, prolonged by this inept government, we shift the focus to try and blame scientists for failing to detect that the tests that they produce and work with everyday, are worthless and that we really do not have a crisis at all, just a perception of one’.

This is confusing, and perhaps I misunderstand you again. I think that focusing on the real causes of economic and social hardship is precisely what I have been trying to do. I don’t see covid-19 in itself as being especially high in the list of those causes. It is in there, at the moment, for sure. But it is eclipsing and distorting absolutely everything else and the response exacerbates everything to the enth degree. Which is why (inappropriately on this thread as I have willingly conceded) I have questioned stats etc.

I accept fully that a swift and ‘effective’ lockdown at the outset would have been infinitely preferable to what has actually ensued, but its water under the bridge now. I am very interested in the train of events at the earliest stages, before it suddenly became a worldwide thing. We all know the story of the doctor who was ‘silenced’ But if true what could he possibly have had to say at that point other than ‘Look, something is happening here. People are infecting each other and a few are dying.’ Hardly new. Then it was found to be a new coronavirus, more infectious but still not significantly more alarming than previous coronaviruses and seemingly rather less likely to kill. So what happened next? How was it that in a matter of weeks the whole world was in a panic? (for it can only be described as that – as you say, governments around the world did not behave in a rational and organised way, they panicked. We panicked. Everybody panicked). Perhaps someone will make a film about how unfolding events all went so horribly wrong one day.