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Clark @December 18, 2020 at 10:39#63537

“I’m fatigued, and angry, and I’m scared.”

Take a break man. It is a very difficult time of the year with an increase of SAD and with the divided country ruled by hapless and uncaring Tories. The degree of corruption has been exposed by the office of National Audit and more recently by the NYT. And yet this does not seem to translate to any resistance and this is why I find the discussions going on about unreliability of PCR and that Covid-19 is not a threat so juvenile and puerile. Those who devote their energies in this direction appear to deflect from the real issue which is that the pandemic is real but is extremely poorly managed by many countries and that the primary problem here is that in fact neoliberal capitalism has destroyed such basics of society and infrastructure as to make it difficult to manage this pandemic as it should be on well tried and tested manner established over many years. My belief is that there is no capitalist way out of this mess, only a socialist one and that is why the blinkered view of many, including those who voted for Brexit, does not see the consequences of their vote.
Clark, don’t take these negative views of others as a personal matter, they are not directed at you. People are also trying to cope with the disruption, including loss of livelihood and inability to see loved ones in difficult times. They too are scared but wish to pretend that this could just be wished away. Have pity and not be angry at such people.