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Thanks for these comments.

Brian – “But in this Second Wave, the Lowest.. Till maybe four / five weeks ago..When it’s been racing here again.. We feel that one of the reasons is that people were coming here in Droves to shop..because we were Tier 2. Whilst places like Glasgow, and Ayrshire, were T-3…We were Surrounded by T-3”

Indeed, the behaviour of infection in a mobile population is a highly complex system; difficult to separate cause from effect. As a friend e-mailed me this morning:

“One person, one key, one lock; open or shut easy. 5,000 people, 5,000 keys, 5,000 locks… chaos. But all chaotic large systems have basins of attraction. The art is to make those basins conducive with humanity in a fair and peaceful manner”

ET – “Prepare for the worst whilst hoping for the best.”


SA – “…but without closing the borders is meaningless.”

Again, precisely. We need to compartmentalise, and then wipe it out zone by zone. Each zone cleared to Green can reopen to other Green zones. The smaller a zone, the sooner it can achieve Green status.