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Dave, I know it’s wasted on you but as the discussion appears in public…

“when the mortality rate for a particular virus is less than 0.07%…”

That’s false, but if it were true, 0.07% of the UK’s 67 million is nearly 47,000 people. But around two thirds of those needing critical care survive, so without “unnatural”, hospital care covid-19’s death rate would be about three times higher.

You seem to have misunderstood the problem. Without social restraint, covid-19 spreads very fast, far faster than hospitals can treat and discharge those needing care. With the hospitals stuffed full, what happens to the majority of those who get ill but can’t get into hospital? They suffocate slowly, over the course of days.

Fine, let’m; they were old and ill anyway. That don’t make me a fascist or nothin’.