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The graphs you posted to prove your argument Charlie actually disprove your argument. Increase in infection rate clearly leads a little later to increased deaths. It is especially evident in the late Sept to Dec parts of the graphs.
There was much less capacity for testing in March but a number of studies in different countries showed that approx 1 in 10 cases (give or take) were identified then so increase the infection rates by 10. Also testing didn’t really get going until after the deaths began so you are not going to see the lag so much. There are many other country’s graphs you could also look at. Also, the treatments have improved so there are fewer deaths overall compared to April. If you look at the latter 4 months of the year you can see the rising infections corresponding with rising deaths a little later, a dip in infection rates corresponding with a dip in deaths followed by a rise in both again. I cannot understand how anyone can look at those graphs and not come to the same conclusion.

An article here gives an idea of the timeline.