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Charlie, 13:28 – “they had built all the Nightingale hospitals so to obviate that problem they dismantled them blaming it on staff shortages but that was a lie, most nurses are twiddling their thumbs at the moment.”

And yet at 16:23, Charlie cites a Daily Mail article; here are some quotes from it:

‘We had warned of a staffing crisis in ICU before the pandemic. The Government’s didn’t listen.’

– The Nightingales were billed as the solution to stopping hospitals becoming overwhelmed – by providing extra capacity for patients.

– But they are being shuttered as Covid-19 hospitalisations surge past the peak of the first wave, and amid mounting warnings from NHS trusts that they are struggling to cope.

– Professor Steve Hams, chief nurse at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, told BBC Breakfast today his trust already has 200 Covid-19 patients on its wards – more than triple the 60 they had in April.

– ‘We have seen that exponential rise. We truly are in the eye of the storm at the moment,’ he said. ‘It has probably been one of the most challenging times of my 25-year nursing career but one that I am most proud of.’

– ‘In many ways in the first wave in April we didn’t entirely know what to expect and now we kind of do but this virus seems to be one step ahead of us every time.

– ‘When we get little gains and little wins it’s a real boost for our colleagues. We felt during April that there would be an end to this but actually we’re now seeing a third peak so trying to keep our colleagues and our teams going through this time is just incredibly difficult.

– ‘I think it is fair to say that I – like many of our colleagues across the country – am becoming increasingly exhausted.’

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Of course, you can cherry-pick from anywhere, even the Daily Mail. Dave showed us how above; December 29, at 22:48:

“The Daily Mail dutifully publishes the official narrative, but due to a very large middle-class readership, it also has to tell the truth or suffer the same fate as the Ministry of Truth…”

So anything that supports their story these denialists call “the truth”, and anything that contradicts it they dismiss as “the official narrative” – and that’s how conspiracy theory works!