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Node – “I suggest that building herd immunity the natural way is less risky than doing it with poorly tested vaccines”

What? You’re comparing an infection that is known to have killed millions of people, and is known to leave several times as many incompletely recovered, is known to continue reproducing in neurons and intestinal cells, is known to infect and reproduce in cells of the immune system… You’re comparing that with vaccines that exclude the reproductive viral components, and have been tested on thousands of people without killing any of them… And you reckon the vaccines are more dangerous?

This sort of thinking is the very definition of ‘irrational’.

Re. your 13:35 comment, instead of getting all personal, you could engage with my point about neoliberal economics. But then maybe you don’t like to criticise that. Maybe you’re with those that prefer millions to die rather than change economic conditions.

“the present scheme to lock down everybody […] causes more harm than good in the long run”

That is a very bold claim that flies in the face of the evidence. You need to assume that infections would have stopped rising without the lockdown, yet in place after place all over the world we’ve seen that infection prevalence falls when social restrictions are strong enough, and rises when they’re relaxed. In the UK we’ve just had a very clear demonstration of the effect with the November restrictions.