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From the Guardian article linked by ET:

“And, the worst myth of all: “Covid only kills the infirm and the elderly.” While age is a significant factor, we are routinely seeing patients in their 30s and 40s on ICU. Data from Scotland shows the average age of admitted ICU patients is 61, and more than 85% were living completely independent lives before they were sick. It could be any of us, or someone close to us”.

But something we never get from conspiracy theorists is retraction. They just go quiet, so that they can resurrect their zombie factoids when they think there’s another opportunity.

Conspiracy theorists, you seem to think you’re on a vital mission to wake up the sheeple, but your narratives serve the establishment you believe you have seen through. Your denial of global heating serves vested interests in the fossil fuel and dependent industries. Your Twin Tower demolition theory is widely seen as anti-Semitic because it is, and by insinuating and bullying it into the anti-war and pro-Palestinian movements you have provided false justification to the smears against Jeremy Corbyn, whilst providing cover for the neocon exploitation of jihadism.

Your latest one, covid-19, is the most obvious; neoliberalism and corporatism want us all out shopping and working to keep the profit flowing, not sheltering from a deadly virus, and low and behold, there you all are pushing exactly that message, albeit for completely different reasons. So I echo back your own favourite message; wake up!