Ummmm, I was right 67

I am in Glasgow, having a very pleasant time, but it would be superhuman of me not to point out that I was right and the closure of UK airspace was indeed a weird fearmongering over-reaction. There is no diminution in ash currently in UK airspace, but its danger to aircraft has now been “reassessed”, and the health and safety morons have had to admit that there is no overwhelming risk..

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67 thoughts on “Ummmm, I was right

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  • tony_opmoc

    With regards to whoever asked Larry

    “Are you on the bus”

    Well I was as clueless as he was…

    So I started posting again in America…

    And he followed me

    I gave him a quote from a Gardening website about horse manure

    Anyway when I had lost my job and had been unemployed for over 6 months

    My Girlfriend was going on about Stonehenge Free Festival

    I said we can’t afford it

    She said – I will borrow my sister’s tent…

    So there was supposed to be about 10 of us going

    But just my Gilfriend and I travelled down from Lancashire to Stonehenge Festival

    It was Free to get in – and the weather was O.K.

    So we still had a bit of money left and walked into the local village

    And we both took off all our clothes and swam and cleaned ourselves naked in the Stream in the local village…

    Then we got dressed and started walking back again to Stonehenge

    And this guy stopped in this enormous Transit van and asked “Do you guys want a lift???”

    And he was playing Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs and we sat in the front next to him…

    So I guess

    We got on the bus


  • tony_opmoc

    If no one in your own peer group has ever done this thing before

    And you haven’t done it either…

    How do you exactly suggest it might be a good idea…

    Unless they all have been quietly wanting to do the same thing for years

    Well I don’t know about where you live

    But if Us English can Queue Up To Get Into an Irish Pub in England For Saint Patrick’s Night

    We ain’t going to Publisize what

    We are Doing

    Even The Date – Let Alone All The Pubs

    St George’s Night Date 2010

    My Wife has Just Told Me Where We Are Going

    And She said

    Type THIS Into The Web Browser


  • nobody


    “we need international government…to counter the dangers from banking”

    Ha ha ha ha. What fine comedy.

    One does hope you’re not in here playing this shill role for free, Clark. You should get in touch with the banks, or more specifically their lobbying heavies, and climb on board the gravy train mate. You are just the chap they’re looking for.

    Otherwise when the new world order comes, it, like the current piecemeal reserve banking system to which each nation’s government is subject, will be an entity belonging entirely to the bankers and likewise subject to no one but themselves.

  • technicolour

    “Playing this shill role”

    You obviously have no idea of what Clark’s like. You would if you’d been reading his posts. Disagree about international governments by all means but don’t insult him, please.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “We need more dimensions.” Richard Robinson

    I couldn’t agree more. Eleven is definitely not enough, if you really want to travel (thinking is the easiest way).

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