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Back home again after a trip to Glasgow and York. The flu seems to have left me but I feel pretty knackered. Enjoying the election campaign, for the first time really since 1974. I’ll tell you the story of my involvement in that sometime in the next week or two.

Speaking in Manchester on Saturday but not sure if it is a public meeting – will let you know. Open meeting for Amnesty in Swansea next Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “Home Again

  • tony_opmoc


    Being Home

    Great Innit?

    Just in case the CIA or anyone else is monitoring my text conversations

    I said last night…

    “Mum found the guitar zoom effects box in your bedroom but i can’t find its power supply it is mains to 9V DC 300MA Have you got it?

    I have been playing my new guitar every day and my fingers are sore…”

    She Replied…

    Yes I think I have got it..

    Keep on Practising

    And then went on to say she is bringing a load of her mates home on Thursday…

    After the TV show

    (No I don’t think they were planning to watch it – they are in it)

    It will probably be broadcast sometime later

    She’s 19 at University – and had to go back to continue her part time job.

    You simply cannot let anyone down

    I got the guitar effects box working after our long cycle ride this afternoon and can now sound like Neil Young if I can get the notes in the right order and bend them…

    It ain’t easy learning guitar at my age, but I reckon the most important thing is to Practise Every Day

    That way – I will build up hard callouses on my fingers and it won’t hurt.


  • writerman

    What I particularly dislike about this entire election ritual is the assumption that elections are a the same as democracy, instead of a pale substitute for democracy.

    We now have a system where essentially three conservative parties, or perhpas more accurately, basically, three factions of the same party, compete for power in a highly controlled and ritualized election campaign. This system has only a tenuous link with, even, bourgeois democracy.

    The next parliament will be particularly unrepresentative of the country as a whole, being composed of an extremely narrow “cross-section” of the population as a whole. Compared to even a few decades ago, the “working-clas” will be almost totally absent from the lower house. The age of the working-class MP is definitively over, arguably never to return, at least not until the period after the next, great war, when the ruling elite will be sufficiently weakened and discredited, and their grip, or stranglehold on power loosened, giving democracy a chance once more.

  • tony_opmoc


    I really like some of the things you write here.

    Thank you for writing here.

    I do realise that we are both borrowing a little space from someone who gave it to us for free.

    Someone who we can both criticise and love and respect at the same time.

    Because he is a man of courage, honesty, integrity and fairness

    If I had actually gone to the bother of setting up a website like this – where I would post all my views about every evil bastard I had ever come across in the world – without fear of being sued or executed – and if the bastards want to sue or execute me – this is my real name and I live here….

    You see

    Craig Murray is a bit of an Angel

    Craig Murray has done more to stop Torture than any Man in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

    or even the USA

    I realise I am a naughty boy and say things that are completely boringly direly of no interest to anyone

    But Craig is So Great

    He Doesn’t Just Outright Ban Me

    He just deletes all my crap

    I don’t know if he knows that MGM is going bust and are selling off his 007 rights

    You see – I read Murder in Samarkand – a year ago in the Maldives when it was raining

    I couldn’t stop turning the pages


  • tony_opmoc

    Well, even if you were not born in England it is O.K.

    Everyone is Welcome

    Throughout England – Apparently because I take no notice of such dates – except when my English Wife reminds me…

    We do things in our villages and towns and Cities throughout the land to celebrate

    Land of Hope and Glory

    And all the Shite

    Last Year

    Half The Pub Refused To Raise The Union Jack

    We were So Disgusted That We were still Fighting Wars

    But we Totally Respected our Legless Soldiers and Helped Them Dance

    But This Saturday Something Completely DIFFERENT is Happenning in Our Village Wher We Live

    What’s Happenning In Your Local ENGLISH Village This Saturday?


  • tony_opmoc

    The Pigs will be Fresh

    And They Will Be Killed Humanely In Advance

    And Then They Will Be Roasted on a Spit

    And then we will eat them Whilst Listening To and Watching The Best of English Ancient Culture Performed Live By The Musicians

    The Drummers are in The Same League as The Burundi Boys

    As are the Ancient Strings

    And Singing


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