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So now we have a reported 16 new Rachel Corries, as commandos of the rogue Israeli state massacre unarmed activists taking aid – building materials, purified water and electric powered wheelchairs – to Gaza. At least 60 more are reported injured, some critically.

The nationalities of the dead and injured are not yet known, but one would hope that this would finally turn the tide of unthinking Zionism among senior politicians that has enabled them to overlook Israel’s inexorable trend into a more and more racist, militarised and intolerant state. The brave activists who died will certainly have helped turn the media spotlight across Europe on Israel’s unconscionable treatment of Gaza and the other occupied territories.

The aid flotilla had actually obeyed the Israeli Navy’s order to turn away from Gaza when the ships were boarded. It is worth stating that the boarding of the ships – which were not in Israeli territorial waters – was in itself an illegal act. That is crucial as we wait for the Israelis’ usual lies about the incident, which will predictable claim their heavily armed elite commandos were attacked by the unarmed peace protestors.

It is disgraceful that I can find no reaction from the British government to this.

UPDATE As I predicted, the BBC 8am news reported that the Israeli commandos opened fire after they were attacked with “knives, axes and firearms”. There was absolutely no scepticism expressed at this Israeli claim, and no attempt to seek a reply from any representative of the aid convoy. The BBC has not mentioned – or interviewed anybody who might mention – the indisputable fact that it was illegal under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and in customary international law for the Israelis to board the ships in international waters.

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16 thoughts on “Israeli Outrage

  • Anonymous

    I as a human being strangely condemn the heinous act of the racist regime of Israel, and would like to draw the attention of world leaders to the unbelievable, critical situation of the people on board of the ships!

  • CheebaCow

    Holy shit. I can’t believe the news I’m reading. It’s simply too outrageous, even by Israel’s standards. From a purely ‘real politic’ perspective I’m suprised Israel made such a PR blunder. I have noticed that over the last few years it is becoming more acceptable to crticise Israel in the mainstream, and this latest action will surely make it even more acceptable.

    My thoughts are with the dead and their families.

  • JohnM

    years of weak tolerance to Israeli hostilities leads to …. well what did you expect?

    I grew up with Israel as a hero nation, now I refuse to buy anything Israeli. Have I changed?

  • Mark

    Shame on Israel, this is totally unacceptable and they must be held accountable. It really makes one wonder if those Israeli pigs have a heart or they are even human. That is why they killed Jesus Christ too, cause they are heartless. My blood is really boiling now! Where is Hillary Clinton and Obama to speak up against this? Won’t hold my breathe on that, they are too afraid of being called liberals. What is wrong with this world?

  • alex


    I notice that Israel’s army radio at some point said that people were killed in clashes that broke out after the passengers allegedly tried to grab weapons off the naval commandos.

    Nervous-sounding young reporter:

    Well clearly when you’ve got as many as six hundred people on board these ships at night ah er in the high seas er it is a very very difficult situation ah ah er you can imagine a rather ah her chaotic situation. Of course the Israeli military is very well ah er experienced at er dealing with crowd control…

    And that’s the state of the BBC in the year 2010.

  • Ron

    @Mark at 9.06am

    You’re part of the problem. It does absolutely no good to seek to dehumanise Israelis or to think all Israelis hold the same ideas and behave the same.

    The Israeli regime seeks to dehumanise the Palestinian people. Primo Levi (amongst others) showed us where that leads. Go and read “If This Is A Man” and come back with a better focussed anger.

  • ishmael

    Google pulled the plug on the vid. Nothing to hide nothing to fear applies to the poor.

  • Tom Kennedy

    They boarded the ship wearing masks. They came to commit murder and didn’t want to be identified. Israel is an out-of-control rogue state.

  • Arsalan

    I had donated a lot of medical equipment and drugs to that convoy.

    And now it is gone. bloody theiving bastards.

    This clearly shows, I was a fool to donate. As what I have donated has now been stolen.

    The only solution to Gaza is for Muslim world to unite in to one country again, and invade end Israel.

  • alexT

    > the indisputable fact that it was

    > illegal under the UN Convention on

    > the Law of the Sea and in customary

    > international law for the Israelis to

    > board the ships in international waters.

    Just wondering does anybody know for fact that this happened in international watters ? If so it would be amazingly stupid from the Isreali…

  • JimmyGiro

    Maybe the BBC should replay the film ‘Exodus’, the story of the jewish refuge ship, that was boarded by British sailors.

    In that film, the commentators made clear judgement against the actions of the British; such judgements should be used against the Zionists now.

  • Abe Rene

    The Israelis say that they intend to take the 10,000 tonnes of aid into Gaza themselves. Hopefully this will happen. But in the long term the blockade of Gaza needs to be lifted and Gaza helped to build infrastructure. The young people who are firing rockets into Israel need to be persuaded to stop, so that negotiations that could lead to this become possible. Hamas itself will need to change to be able to do this, as the PLO did. That means that Gazans as a whole will need to be persuaded that negotiation with Israel, however unpalatable, is the only way out of their miserable situation.

  • Clark


    you were not “a fool to donate”; please don’t say that. Everyone who contributed made the mission possible. Israeli action against the convoy exposes the Israeli position, and helps to turn the tide.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Did the people on the boat have slingshots filled with stones, and were they named, Daoud?

    And did the Israeli Navy have missiles and lead bullets and were they named, Goliath?

    One hopes that one day soon, giant Biblical locusts will descend upon the Israeli Navy and its hoodlum government(s).


    And why has the YouTube video been removed? Who ordered that?


    The UK Government’s reaction. Predictable, yet still shocking.

    Abe, look, the PLO was duped and/ or bought by Israel which never intended even to allow the excessively limited ‘concessions’ they’d agreed to at Camp David (1970s) and Oslo (1990s). It was a sham. They don’t intend to give the Palestinians anything except death and prison. Whatever Hamas was/ is/ might be, it was democratically elected, that’s it, democratically elected, in a free and fair election as denoted by multiple international observers, but Israel has consistently shut-down any possibility of real dialogue. The Israeli state doesn’t want dialogue; it wants monologue, louder and louder so that everyone around it goes deaf and dumb and brainless, subdued, enslaved.

    Israeli commentator, Uri Avnery is absolutely right: If it goes on the way it’s been doing for decades now, eventually it will end just like the Crusader states did, but this time it will take the world with it.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “And why has the YouTube video been removed? Who ordered that?”

    My fellow secret agent men got rid of it.

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