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When you thought Britain couldn’t get any crazier: from the Torygraph: “Exclusive: Sir Geoffrey Boycott voices fears over delays to second dose of Pfizer jab.

Woman-beater Geoff Boycott is a darling of many right-wing British media consumers, along with Enoch Powell and Vera Lynn.

The headline obeys the first rule of advertising: show (or in this case, mention) the product. “Pfizer, Pfizer, lovely helpy Pfizer. Naughty ol’ government for not helping Pfizer even more. Pfizer, Pfizer! What’s good for Pfizer is good for all cricket fans, and for all ‘Britons’ generally, especially white ones who own their own properties!”

Never forget that Big Pharma spends far more on influencing minds than it does on research, development, and production all added together.

How’s the bank balance, Geoff?