Turns Out I Was Wrong… 1

… in saying that it would be pointless for the Stop the War Coalition to walk around Manchester in the rain while the Dance of the War Criminals proceeded inside the Labour Party Special Conference. In fact STW got much more media coverage than the bigger demo in Manchester last year. Sky News was particularly good in its live coverage, although the later news bulletins were not so good. The Blair and Brown Corporation (BBC) was appalling as usual.

The most interesting thing about the Deputy Leadership contest was its revelation of just how tiny the true membership of the Labour Party is.

I am just back from Geneva, and flicking through the international news channels there I was very impressed indeed by the coverage of the demo. So the spectres of the dead of our wars for oil did haunt Brown’s feast. At least those abroad understand that opposition to the war in UK public opinion is as strong as ever.

Makes me all the more keen to turn up and yell at Blair tomorrow morning.

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One thought on “Turns Out I Was Wrong…

  • stevie

    The spin and lies continue… The Independent, as ever, is not afraid of telling the truth, unlike Harriet Harman. She is already saying that she "never said that the Government should apologise" for what has happened in Iraq.

    On BBC Newsnight, John Cruddas, when asked "Do you think that the party should say sorry for what happened?" replied "I do actually, as part of a general reconciliation with the British people over what has been a disaster in Iraq."

    Harman then replied "Yep – I agree with that." Look, I know that she never actually said the words "the Government should apologise" but this is ridiculous as it is obvious that this is what she meant. I think I may be writing to her later today…

    More information at: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/article

    Unfortunately I can't make it to London for the party but will be celebrating locally.

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