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– The absolute risk reduction is much more meaningful:
– (0.88-0.044)% = ~0.84%

is utterly misleading. The absolute risk reduction isn’t even a percentage. The absolute risk reduction is:

“From 162 COVID-19 cases among 18,319 people, to 8 COVID-19 cases among 18310 people”.

The article is full of deception, eg: “It should also be noted that these figures suggest the threat from COVID 19 is vanishingly small.” Yeah, right! A “vanishingly small risk” that has killed 75,000 people in the UK alone and is currently overwhelming the hospitals!

The deception works by ignoring both infection levels in the test subjects’ environment, and the passing of time – the chance of any test subject becoming infected obviously rises with both.

Why are you helping the enemy, Node? You should be ashamed of yourself, diligently repeating falsehoods that will increase death and suffering. The conspiracy theory you promote is ludicrous, as if the entire population will be vaccinated in a day, and only after, when it’s too late, will we find that the vaccine cripples them. Absolute rubbish. The vaccine can’t be delivered that fast; it will be administered over the course of months, and outcomes will be monitored. Your / OffGuardian’s scare story isn’t even remotely possible; maybe you sit alone at your computer relaying sensationalism from obscure websites, but most people actually know others, and if vaccination frequently injures people as your favourite websites insist, word will spread and people will refuse to be vaccinated. And the vaccine companies know that! They have people thinking far more critically than you are apparently capable of.