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I agree with ET’s position. I’d just add that we have no idea of the various vaccines’ efficacy against some of the new variants.

I think the Westminster government would very much like to “get back to normal”, ‘cos they make lots of money from business as usual. They’ve done as little as they thought they could get away with to deviate from normal. If WWII had been handled like this, we’d have been overrun by Nazis very quickly.
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Node, your attitude to this raises a question about your overall outlook. You once told us at that you believe world affairs to have been run for centuries in secret by a secret “cabal”, or conspiracy, who “try out” different political systems upon the population to see which ones work best to the cabal’s advantage. Seems supremely unlikely to me but there you go. But why, do you think, did this “cabal” suddenly change everything? What didn’t suit them about neoliberalist economics, and why are they trying so hard to preserve it, ready to reinstate once the new virus settles into background circulation like other viruses we’re familiar with?