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There are always a range of interests behind official narratives and so things won’t always go according to plan, as interests conflict, within the global alliance to suppress the populist revolt against the ruling oligarchy under the guise of fighting a novel virus.

In the US those behind the coup against democracy are a powerful class who control the money, MSM, social media platforms and senior politicians across the aisle. So they control the commanding heights of the economy, but not the people below who they now intend to criminalise as insurrectionists, the new communism, following a huge peaceful protest against election fraud.

Trump said our side’s too nice, or more accurately the deep state is sick and vicious and prepared to say black is white and double-speak on a 24/7 repeat loop, as if it were true! For many years that involved ignoring Americans and bombing people overseas, but now I fear the target will be the majority of Americans, as how do you return to normal after such a blatant steal?