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They’re saying they want to increase social distancing to 3 metres now. That will stop the spread of the “mutant”, apparently.


Next the bosses will be telling us always to enter our bathrooms with our left feet first, or always to stir our coffee with a knife rather than a spoon.

Cloth masks don’t stop many virus particles at all. The proportion that get through is 97%, according to some “re$earch” in the Briti$h Medica£ Journa£. Anyone who wears a cloth mask is protecting neither themselves nor anyone else. You might as well wear a “Viruses, Keep Away” sign on your hat. If you want to wear a mask, wear a proper one. (And use 60%+ alcohol to wash your hands too, not some stupid gel that smells like lemons.)

The rulers couldn’t care less what kind of bacteria or viruses you get. It’s the socialisation they’re against. GIVE THEM AN INCH AND THEY’LL TAKE A YARD. That’s what’s happening.

They just want you

1) to become more habituated to obeying orders, and not to e.g. answer a policeman back
2) to become alienated from your family
3) to reduce your face-to-face socialising with other people in general
4) to get less exercise

Let me tell you something…
The prescribed distance is 1 metre in Singapore, where there have been 5 deaths “with Covid-19” per 1 million population, unlike in Britain where there have been 1204. In Singapore there is also a S$300 fine for being in public places without a mask. The government has been very strict there, and it’s a densely populated country. But do they make everyone stay 2 metres apart? No.

It’s 1.5 metres in Australia.

So far it’s been 2 metres in Britain. The idea of increasing it to 3 metres has absolutely f*** all to do with reducing the famous “R” rate.

The stories about “woman fined for sitting on park bench” etc. are all part of the propaganda campaign. It’s impossible to know all the exact details of the enemy’s psychological warfare effort. That’s always true in psychological warfare. It’s not like a damned board game. But it seems to me very likely that they are trying to divide the population into two big parts: for or against the draconian measures