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Perhaps Glenn, perhaps not. I still think it is worth the effort to try flesh out the basis for other people’s argument. It helps me to develop my own understanding and also hone my argument. It makes me check things out and research stuff I might not otherwise look into. If someone I encounter day to day makes similar arguments I have ready counter arguments. Although I doubt many people besides the contributors actually read this thread passers-by may see some of what is posted. (I could be wrong about that).
For myself Glenn, in the early 2000’s I got all my news from MSM. It was Clark’s favourite conspiracy theory (9/11) that made me realise there were alternative sources of news and information. Things are different in 2021 and it is easier for people to move away from only MSM sources but nonetheless sources claiming sensational conspiracies are a route by which people make that move. The same techniques of omission and comission used ny MSM to direct a narrative can be used by alternative news sites also. Sometimes it takes time to work out which are and which are not doing so. Equally it’s good to be challanged.