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So here comes my latest bullet for an innocent boy’s brain.

COVID Imact @CovidSerology

– Manaus has now surpassed the very tragic 26 April 2020 burial record of 167 with 198 burials in the past 24 hours (13 Jan 2021) for a total of 1486 burials in January with 50% higher ICU occupancy than in April. Hard to see how Manaus avoids crossing 5k pandemic-related excess DPM (deaths per million).

All lies, of course, caused by Bill Gates’ underlings like me threatening “scientists” with firing squads. And that’s how fibre-optic communication, GPS, contraceptives and colour flat screens were developed too; they’re all just hoaxes.

Well done Steph; it did take you a few weeks, but I’m posting more than just data now. Yes, I do have feelings too.