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Steph: I can understand why Clark is upset at you, actually. To you, this is an interesting little debate which should be conducted in a polite manner. What about this? What about that? Isn’t this curious? Why should that be then? With the default position being, everyone else is taken in with this ridiculous hoax that the entire world’s medical, political, media, civil service, social authorities is perpetrating – even the undertakers must be in on it. All at the behest of – you fill in the rest.

What you are doing is causing doubts, giving people license to abuse the rules intended to stop this pandemic. That is not polite, and people understandably get annoyed. You – personally – are responsible for a lot of harm, from the deaths of innocents, to the abuse of shop workers trying to suggest that people follow the rules, to medics literally working themselves to death trying to stop it.

Why you personally? Because you – and Node, and Dave, and everyone like you – are helping spread falsehoods, nonsense, lies, and encouraging deadly behaviour. Every time you pop up with your silly little articles and give them further readership. Every time you encourage liars and lunatics when they tell others there’s nothing to worry about.

I wonder if you did this about smoking? There was a whole industry, the merchants of doubt, dedicated to making people skeptical about the dangers of smoking. Did you think it cute to take their side, and so encourage people to carry on smoking? Do you also do this with climate change? Or is this the one thing on which you’ve decided it would be really clever to be a contrarian.

Maybe you think it’s clever to call all medics and authorities liars, and call people like me stupid, gullible sheep, while endangering society. How dare you. That is not polite.