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You’re giving these denialists way too much credit, Clark.

It’s not as if they’re all confused by a “debate” between scientists that they’re following, or pondering the efficacy of home-made masks compared with factory produced – they’re pretending that the _entire thing_ is a gigantic hoax and nobody is actually getting ill and dying with Covid at all!

The hospitals are all empty really, didn’t you know? We’ve simply got people dying of old age, and obese smokers keeling over with heart attacks, and the crooked doctors sneakily stamp “COVID-19” on the death certificate. Maybe they did have Covid, but it’s such a mild disease (“a little flu”, perhaps) that they didn’t notice before dying of something completely unrelated.

All this, so that Bill Gates can have his killer vaccines… Agenda-21…. the “Great Reset”… pharmaceutical giants… government control… cull the population – take your pick.

No, they don’t have to believe any of that stupid, self-contradictory rot, spread it around, encourage others to behave recklessly, and basically be working on behalf of the virus. They are entirely to blame for their own behaviour, and they are largely to blame for the mess we’re in.