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14 thoughts on “BBC Seeks To Exterminate Democracy

  • MJ

    A lot of fun it might be but the site has some technical issues today: the text in the columns are truncated making it difficult to read. The column furthest to the right particularly bad and is virtually illegible.

  • Abe Rene

    @ MJ

    Try reading it using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox is free to download.

  • tony_opmoc

    Craig Murray,

    I think I was the first person to suggest that you set up a donate button right at the very start of your campaign. I wanted to immediately send you a tenner, but had no way to do so.

    I also had every intention to personally turn up with my wife and canvass for you and deliver leaflets and do everything I possibly could to get you elected. Do not give up hope yet. I still think despite all the obstacles put in your path you may still win this battle.

    I can appreciate that electors in Norwich North are completely furious about having so much rubbish dumped through their letter boxes, and rather than vote for any of you are looking in their sheds for a rope to string the lot of you up to the nearest lamp posts

    You have now finally got a donate button.

    I have donated nothing apart from my views on your website and others. I appreciate that you have spent many thousands of pounds of your own money for your election campaign.

    In the event, I was unable to turn up and help you due to illness and other personal commitments.

    I will however, donate all the travelling costs that I would have incurred if I had turned up with my wife and a sleeping bag, if you promise me one thing.

    It is quite simple, and I couldn’t give a shit about the legality or ethics of it.

    All the money collected as a result of the late appearence of your donate button, less administration costs, does not go to subsidise the expenses that you Craig Murray have personally incurred, but is distributed in the following way.

    EVERYONE who has volunteered and worked their feet off and everything else off for you, just in the hope that they could do something good in their lives for absolutely no finacial reward whatsoever, receives an equal distribution of ALL such funds according to the number of hours put in.

    Whether you win or not is not the actual point.

    I think you have All done a Magnificent Job for Democracy, Justice and Freedom.

    And I want to Thank You By Sending You Some Money.

    Sorry, if you don’t like my Terms

    But I am a hard bastard.


  • Jon

    @Tony – I can’t speak for Craig, but in general terms it is logistically difficult to accept money with rules attached, unless the sum is sizable. This is because it goes all into one account and conditions potentially attached to various amounts would rather get lost in the melee.

    Furthermore I suspect donations would be better spent on offsetting the large costs of DVD advertising rather than the much smaller sums spent by volunteers travelling to Norwich.

    Anyway, as a volunteer I don’t wish to be paid. For my small amount of leafletting, talking to people in their front gardens, and ferrying volunteers by car, it was a privilege and an inspiration. Indeed we were rewarded by excellent cooking from Nadira and her team of chefs, which is payment enough!

  • Derek

    Thanks for the feedback RE the readability of the website MJ

    I wish someone had mentioned that two weeks ago. I had assumed that because it was a standard Joomla template then it would look OK in Internet Explorer.

    I just tested it with IE7 and found the centre panel runs underneath the right hand panel in IE7

    It renders perfectly in Firefox and Opera, but for those who have not yet discovered the delights of a non Microsoft browser I have adjusted the template to move all the right hand content over to the left hand.

    You should find it more readable now. 🙂

  • MJ

    Don’t worry Derek, it was OK a couple of weeks ago. It was only when you added the extra column on the right that the problems started. I know that was a pretty recent addition because I have been checking the site every couple of days or so.

    I know people recommend Firefox but when I tried it I had problems with it and ended up having to uninstall it.

    It’s always wise to ensure a site displays properly in IE because even if you don’t approve of it the fact is that 90% of people use it.

  • Derek

    Thanks MJ I suspect it may be adding the Donate button that screwed up the rendering.

    Its because I do not bother checking how a site renders in every version of browser you can tell I am not a professional web developer 🙂

    BTW: On the campaign web site 45% of visitors use Firefox, 39% use Internet Explorer, 11% use Safari and 2% use Opera.

    Nearly a third of visitors using Internet Explorer are using the ancient abomination IE6

  • tony_opmoc

    I do understand. I just wanted to say a Special Thank You to everyone who worked so hard for Craig Murray.

    Thank You,


  • George Dutton

    “BBC Seeks To Exterminate Democracy”

    There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. We will control all that you see and hear.

    BBC: A “Democracy” Chernobyl.

    The same as this…

  • George Dutton

    “I’m Michael Crick, and I’m Newsnight’s political editor”

    “When I turned up this morning I had a mischievous thought that we could track down all of Davis’s 25 rival candidates, film them, and leave Davis out of the piece altogether – and then afterwards get Jeremy to say “you’ll find a list of the other candidate on our website”. However, my editor at Newsnight wasn’t too keen on the idea, but when I mentioned it to David Davis this afternoon he thought it was a hilarious suggestion and assured me he would never have complained.”…

    The admitted mindset of Michael Crick?.

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