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I know it is against the rules to criticise decisions by the mods, and this is not my intention. The forum SARS Cov2 and Covid-19 was started by me on the second week of March and became a sort of chronicle of what has been happening. Recently it was invaded by covid deniers and Trump fans with a general lowering of the tone. It seems to me a bit unfair on those of us who discuss rationally to suddenly be deprived of this forum because of those causing the disruption and although a new topic can be started, it will not have the solid history of the old one. That is of course also dependent on the website mechanics. The forum has now exceeded 1200 comments and may have become unwieldy and for that reason maybe we could start mark 2. In writing all this I am aware that this is a very valuable service provided voluntarily by Craig to us readers of his blog and for this we are extremely grateful