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I’ve looked up latest figures showing UK population @ 68m and covid-related deaths @ 89,000. This gives a mortality figure for the entire population of 0.13% Its reasonable to give this figure as the ‘government’ want to vaccinate the entire population, multiple times.

These figures are not exact, but its far LESS THAN 0.13% because this figure conflates died WITH and died FROM and counts deaths from all causes, run over by a bus, as covid, if within 28 days of a Positive (includes False Positives) test.

I think your giving a percentage of certain deaths as a percentage from all causes, but even if covid is high in the list, its still small as a percentage of deaths from all causes, and so a fixation on covid, resulting in the rest being downplayed, makes no medical sense and neither does banning the right of assembly, unless to serve another political agenda. STOP the STEAL!