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Being cautious is an objection and sensible when the policy is wholescale vaccination of entire populations of healthy people. And saying vaccination is the only realistic way out of this short of just letting it rip, is just silly, as it has an over 99% recovery rate. Mortality figures are the crude data, but difficult to manipulate.

Why do you need vaccines, when we have already reached herd immunity, as evidenced by the dropping of covid-19 in favour of a new novel virus, covid-20, which is why they want vaccination 24/7, because its already out of date!

The more testing the more Positive tests, but don’t be alarmed as nearly all those testing Positive are otherwise healthy, and the best way reduce the number of “cases” by 50%, is by reducing the number of tests by half, and then you’re back to normal, which is why they don’t do it.

You say “I sincerely hope you never get into a position to influence health care provision”! So you’re happy to replace our NHS with a Covid Health Service? And I think you’ll find the excess deaths this year were due to the lockdown in March, not the latest winter figures, which are the ones you need to digest to avoid alarmism.