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“Being cautious is an objection”

No Dave, it isn’t. I object to you entering my house is different to you can come in but take your muddy boots off first. Proceed with caution, you know, what your driving instructor might say to you.

” policy is wholescale vaccination of entire populations of healthy people.”

All vaccination programs vaccinate healthy people, that being their raison d’etre. You know, to prevent people falling ill with the disease the vaccine protects against or more precisely to prevent people sufferring the more serious consequences of falling ill with a particular disease. Sub acute sclerosing panencephalitis, secondary pneumonia and other fatal consequences in the case of measles, deafness and sub-fertility in the case of mumps and congenital rubella syndrome with rubella. I could go on about TB, polio, smallpox, and others but you can do your own research. Oh wait.

“as it has an over 99% recovery rate”

And a 1% fatality rate by your figures, that’s 680,000 deaths in the UK alone. Not to mention the 40,000 covid hospital admissions, the 4,000 admitted daily nor the approx 8700 plus who died in the last 7 days. Oh, and there is the 30% readmissions and the x7 times higher rates of deaths in patients who were admitted with covid. And lest I forget, long covid.

“Why do you need vaccines, when we have already reached herd immunity, as evidenced by the dropping of covid-19 in favour of a new novel virus, covid-20”

That is risible Dave, please familiarise yourself with the concept of herd immunity. If we had herd immunity people wouldn’t be getting infected in such numbers. How does covid-19 and covid-20 (your term) in any way evidence anything?
Viruses mutate and that is a huge worry Dave. Your “just a bad flu” killed millions in 1918. The more people infected the more likely there will be a mutation. We cannot know if any mutation will be good or bad news.

“The more testing the more Positive tests, but don’t be alarmed as nearly all those testing Positive are otherwise healthy, and the best way reduce the number of “cases” by 50%, is by reducing the number of tests by half, and then you’re back to normal, which is why they don’t do it.”

OK, so why don’t we just close down all screening programs, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, colon cancer screening, diabetes screening and every other screening program. What you don’t know can’t hurt, innit?

“So you’re happy to replace our NHS with a Covid Health Service? “

No Dave, I wouldn’t be happy with that at all. Believe it or not Dave, other activities still occur. Women haven’t stopped getting pregnant and inconveniently going into labour since last March. Damn them anyway, surely they could just put it off till all this is over. Other inconvenient people have heart attacks, go into heart failure, fall and break their hips or wrists, attempt suicide and all the other things that the NHS has to deal with. Damned inconvenience.
As an aside Dave, you Brits (I am assuming you are British Dave, if I am wrong I apologise) should be damned proud of the world’s best concept for health care provision. It has its faults but as a concept, free at the point of service, it is brilliant. I really wish Ireland had followed the model. I really don’t think that Britian will allow the NHS to be plundered whatever their political persuasion.

“And I think you’ll find the excess deaths this year were due to the lockdown”

Will I? So, what would be the cause of those deaths? You have analysed the figures and you can point me to the excess numbers of other causes of death? Or have all the thousands of conscientious doctors conspired to falsify the death certificates? All the nurses, morticians, funeral directors, lab staff and families of the deceased all conspired to propagate this “great reset.” Show me PROOF Dave. Hard evidence. Numbers.

“not the latest winter figures, which are the ones you need to digest to avoid alarmism”

Alarmism? Do you think that a 13% increase in the death rates in less than 12 months isn’t alarming? What exactly would alarm you Dave? What threshold do deaths have to cross before you take an interest?