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Thanks for your feedback!
Unfortunately, not everything is that good. There was a trouble in my city too.
A young man climbed up the monument and demonstrated this

This report gave me a mixture of feelings. The first is – that’s amusing, what did he want to say with this gesture? The second is – well, I don’t mind looking at the naked ass of a young man, sometimes 🙂 The third feeling is – it makes me really sad and ashamed, to see he had chosen the monument to Cossacks.
My ancestors are Cossacks, they came to this wild virgin uncultivated land and turned it into a blooming garden. This monument has nothing to do with Navalny or the government. Why not climbing up a lamppost when he had a sudden attack of exhibitionism?

Seems it was not that peaceful in other cities. Pikabu starts collecting videos. I’m not embedding it here, you can watch on the page