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“Do you deny effective therapeutics are available to treat this illness?”
Yes, categorically so. There are no specifc treatments. (apart perhaps from immunoglobulin treatments which remain experimental)

“You share a remarkable lack of self awareness or dishonesty as those who say their support for the inhumane and counter-productive lockdowns is to save lives, when they clearly haven’t stopped people dying, and have made things far worse,”

That is your opinon Dave. My opinion is that there would have been far more deaths and morbidity if nothing had been done. Also, I thnk people would have self imposed lockdown type measures, they’d have behaved in a manner likely to reduce their risk.

“For years the NHS policy has been to reduce bed numbers and operate at capacity, and anticipate for extra capacity during the winter months.”


“think nothing odd about how billions have miraculously been found to fund PPE contracts for government family and friends”

That this happened is corrupt. Not so much that the money was found (presumably by borrowing) and PPE was required, but how and to whom the contracts were awarded.

A virus is a virus Dave. Regardless of politics.