Facebook Censorship, Mad Ben Nimmo and the Atlantic Council 466

Facebook has deleted all of my posts from July 2017 to last week because I am, apparently, a Russian Bot. For a while I could not add any new posts either, but we recently found a way around that, at least for now. To those of you tempted to say “So what?”, I would point out that over two thirds of visitors to my website arrive via my posting of the articles to Facebook and Twitter. Social media outlets like this blog, which offer an alternative to MSM propaganda, are hugely at the mercy of these corporate gatekeepers.

Facebook’s plunge into censorship is completely open and admitted, as is the fact it is operated for Facebook by the Atlantic Council – the extreme neo-con group part funded by NATO and whose board includes serial war criminal Henry Kissinger, Former CIA Heads Michael Hayden and Michael Morrell, and George Bush’s chief of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, among a whole list of horrors.

The staff are worse than the Board. Their lead expert on Russian bot detection is an obsessed nutter named Ben Nimmo, whose fragile grip on reality has been completely broken by his elevation to be the internet’s Witchfinder-General. Nimmo, grandly titled “Senior Fellow for Information Defense at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab”, is the go-to man for Establishment rubbishing of citizen journalists, and as with Joseph McCarthy or Matthew Clarke, one day society will sufficiently recover its balance for it to be generally acknowledged that this kind of witch-hunt nonsense was not just an aberration, but a manifestation of the evil it claimed to fight.

There is no Establishment cause Nimmo will not aid by labeling its opponents as Bots. This from the Herald newspaper two days ago, where Nimmo uncovers the secret web of Scottish Nationalist bots that dominate the internet, and had the temerity to question the stitch-up of Alex Salmond.

Nimmo’s proof? 2,000 people had used the hashtag #Dissolvetheunion on a total of 10,000 tweets in a week. That’s five tweets per person on average. In a week. Obviously a massive bot-plot, eh?

When Ben’s great expose for the Herald was met with widespread ridicule, he doubled down on it by producing his evidence – a list of the top ten bots he had uncovered in this research. Except that they are almost all, to my certain knowledge, not bots but people. But do not decry Ben’s fantastic forensic skills, for which NATO and the CIA fund the Atlantic Council. Ben’s number one suspect was definitely a bot. He had got the evil kingpin. He had seen through its identity despite its cunning disguise. That disguise included its name, IsthisAB0T, and its profile, where it called itself a bot for retweets on Independence. Thank goodness for Ben Nimmo, or nobody would ever have seen through that evil, presumably Kremlin-hatched, plan.

No wonder the Atlantic Council advertise Nimmo and his team as “Digital Sherlocks

Nimmo’s track record is simply appalling. In this report for the Atlantic Council website, he falsely identified British pensioner @Ian56789 as a “Russian troll farm”, which led to Ian being named as such by the British government, and to perhaps the most surreal Sky News interview of all time. Perhaps still more remarkably, Nimmo searches for use of the phrase “cui bono?” in reference to the Skripal and fake Douma chemical weapons attacks. Nimmo characterises use of the phrase cui bono as evidence of pro-Assad and pro-Kremlin bots and trolls – he really does. Most people would think to consider cui bono indicates a smattering more commonsense than Nimmo himself displays.

It is at least obvious cui bono from Nimmo’s witchfinding – the capacious, NATO and CIA stuffed pockets of Ben Nimmo himself. That Facebook allows this utterly discredited neo-conservative charlatan the run of its censorship operations needs, given Facebook’s pivotal role in social media intercourse, to concern everybody. The freedom of the internet is under fundamental attack.


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466 thoughts on “Facebook Censorship, Mad Ben Nimmo and the Atlantic Council

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    • Bob


      Are you going to make a comment?

      Something like;

      Well that’s one pervert less but what about all the weirdies?

      I think your post is offensive, against the blog rules boring and expected from the troll that planted it

      • Shatnersrug

        Bob, have you been drinking? Sharp Ears is merely reporting the latest. She makes no judgment, I think like most of us she thinks salmond has been got at by you know who. I’m sure Portland Comms have a hand in it too

      • Ishmael


        Jumping the gun …,a bit ?

        I’ll make a comment on this if you like. Good for him. Politics stinks. Always has. They have no power to change anything for the good. Only peoples movements have EVER done us any real good.

        They are all essentially puritanical religious cults, really no different than centuries ago. Hence why it’s always these sorts of subjects that brings down high ranking members.

          • Hatuey

            In the video clip on Sky he looked rattled. I fear the worst here. No good can come of this.

            I expect we will find out that he is guilty of some trivial indiscretion. The PC brigade will make a meal of it, of course, and define it as a war crime.

            If it was his goal to avoid divisions in the party, I think he’ll fail. An SNP led by Sturgeon, without Salmond somewhere in the background, holds very little appeal for me and I would guess many others.

            Hell mend anyone in the SNP who over-eggs this or attempts to take advantage of it, no matter what the outcome.

        • Jo1

          The Scottish Parliament is back in session soon. Sturgeon is being targeted by the opposition eejits to suspend Salmond from the Party. They have not let up. His statement makes it clear he’s not going to be used by them as a means to create division. That’s what they want. It’s what the media want. I think he’s done the right thing. He’s also said he’s resigning until he clears his name.
          I don’t get the meltdown in your post. It’s ridiculous.

          • Hatuey

            I agree you don’t get the “meltdown” in my post. As time will very soon tell, my suspicions will be justified, and your position, which is basically a regurgitation of the official Party position, will be shown to be naive.

          • Jo1

            Salmond sounds anything but “rattled” in the address he makes on the CF page.
            I’m not remotely regurgitating the SNP line. I’m not a Party member.

            You’re declaring Salmond guilty in that earlier post when, in fact, the resignation frees him to properly defend himself without the opposition Parties at Holyrood disrupting Holyrood business every two minutes demanding for him to be thrown out!

            I think he’s done the best thing for him.

          • Jo1

            “demanding for him to be thrown out”

            Meaning for Salmond to be thrown out of the Party.

          • Hatuey

            Hmmmmm. More niggling.

            First of all, I’m not sure what is supposed to be pathetic. You don’t say. And you don’t say why. Dire as our exchanges have been thus far, I didn’t realise they were quite at the level where we just shout insults at one another.

            Carry on though.

            Interesting that you took the time to put the word “rattled” in quotation marks but didn’t seem to notice that I didn’t say he sounded rattled as you suggest – I said he looked rattled. Try and pay more attention. And I said that of the Sky news clip, not the CF clip.

            I’ve actually looked at both clips and in the Sky clip it looks like his eyes are more bloodshot which is weird since they are both the same clip. I’ll have a closer look at this tomorrow; it’s possible Sky processed it in some weird way.

            Anyway, getting back to the niggles, I didn’t say you were a party member and of course you wouldn’t need to be a party member to be guilty of regurgitating anything. (Note the use of the word “guilty” here)

            The stuff you say about me declaring Salmond guilty is typical of the sort of simplistic, petty slant on things that I accused the PC brigade of taking. “Guilty” is a loaded term; the sense in which I used it is probably different from the moralistic/legalistic sense you used it in.

            Thus, in my sense, I said guilty of indiscretions in the same sense that someone might be guilty of eating too much. Indiscretions needn’t necessarily raise questions of moral or legal guilt, as you imply.

            You finish with more regurgitations which is fine. Regurgitate all you wish.

    • Contrary

      And his crowdfunder has been 45% funded by approx.770 donations after about an hour of him tweeting his resignation and the link to fund his court of session case:

      Alex Salmond says: “I refute these two complaints of harassment and I absolutely reject any suggestion of criminality.
      I believe that all such issues must be treated seriously, confidentially and through a fair process. In this case confidentiality has been broken greatly to my detriment and in a way which puts at serious risk the anonymity of both complainants. It urgently needs to be established who breached that duty of confidence and why.” and,
      “My entire focus for the next few weeks is preparing for Judicial Review, against the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government, the initial stages of which began yesterday. My intention is to secure fairness because that is necessary to clear my name.”

      I am sure Alex has enough power and influence, and savvy, to bear the brunt of the scandal, but with the distraction it will cause at a potentially crucial time, resigning from the party seems like the best move. The quicker it is cleared up, the better, of course; he would hopefully be a major player in near future for Scotland’s future. Not absolutely necessary of course, after all; Yes we can.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Sharp Ears,

      Alex Salmond is a Man of Principle

      Well done Alex…

      Now get together, if you really want Scottish Independence with a New Party of people who also want it – and/or team up with the likes of George Golloway, doing even more TV shows – and take these treasonous infiltrating criminals in the SNP on.

      Didn’t you realise you had been infiltrated?

      I have no dog in this fight. I really don’t care one way or the other re Scottish Independence.

      Jeremy Corbyn has almost exactly the same problem, except he is not going to resign.

      “Smearing Critics of Iszr0el Undermines Importance of Tackling Genuine anti-Samitiusm ”
      By Ken Livingstone



      • Ishmael

        I beg to differ. We all have a dog in every fight. They have no idea what they are doing. & Claiming exclusive rights over land is wrong for any group. & it undermines & distracts people from interests that are separate from the state & those who work in & for it.

        It will be just another boarder on the earth. Another ruling class contolling the people. Another bureaucracy of unjust privilege. Everything effects everything, but they don’t give a monkeys, lost in nationalism.

        • Ishmael

          The promise of nationalism is the inprisonment of the many. The thickening of walls & fences.

          The selfish narrowing of human kinds horizons. The “This is mine & not yours”

          It’s repugnant wherever on earth is arises. & it reduces us all.

  • Ishmael

    Boarders are an affront to humanity. Led by religious freaks.

    People like Varoufakis says “the Scottish” should be respected? Why? Why should I respect their divisive religious movements anymore than the English? Or the Jewish?

    All these things are bound to fail, these various populist gatherings, it’s simply the old religion in a new “acceptable” form.

    But anyone taking even a cursory look across the 20th century can surley see nation state organisation is insane & catastrophic behond belief for human beings.

    But on they go. Selling the snake oil. Taking all our freedoms bit by bit. Until we can’t even move.

    But be assured, those selling have no such restrictions. They only want restrictions for us. No flights for the poor etc. But for them, the important people on important business. They can go anywhere & often do.

    • Northern Sole

      “Boarders”? That must be the most uncharitable comment I have read in many a long year! What have you got against boarders? They make an approach to you in the best of faith, an agreement is reached around house rules, payment etc., and everyone is happy surely. I’ve boarded in many a house of lodging and, as long as I behave in a civil manner, have never encountered any problems. Most of the people I have boarded with have been very nice, and I pride myself in always leaving my boardings with good feelings on both sides.

      Why are you so hard on boarders? You may not be prepared to allow strangers to eat and sleep in your premises sir/madam, but please don’t cast aspersions on those folk who needs must board with another.

      Of course, I’m being rather pedantic here, because I pretty much know that you were referring to “borders” which are those things which separate one country from another. Please consult a dictionary in future, in cases of doubt. It’s probably just your accent of course.


      • Ishmael

        You typed all that for what you pretty much knew?

        Think I’m WAY more Intelligent than you dispute my …contempt..,for proper grammar adherence.

        • Godolphin

          Ishmael, everyone reading here saw and recognised your error.

          Thanking grammarians usually deflates them; and NS’s response was mildly amusing.
          Smile and move on.

        • Piotr Berman

          “Boarders are an affront to humanity. Led by religious freaks.” I would say, if “they” can be led, “they” are probably human, although one can imagine religiously fanatic shepherds leading sheep etc. Writing for myself, the above combination of sentences tickled my funny bone.

          Borders is also a name of a region in Scotland that in the past harbored ruffians, cattle rustlers and other lowlifes, although I did not hear about religious fanatics there.

          I must admit that I do not see a reason to be irritated by national borders, and human nature being as weak as it is, I had a good laugh about your typo, so yea, it is a bit unfair. But this was a good natured chuckle, so please be more philosophical.

      • Ishmael

        Just look at it this way. One word, easy to work out.

        VS a whole post of useless patronising babble.

        • joeblogs

          “One word, easy to work out.”
          But you could not do it, could you.
          ‘F’ for fail.
          ‘Serve words right, and they will serve you well.’

      • Jo1

        What a pile of unnecessary drivel. You’re the one who has made yourself look foolish, and worse.

        • Bill Marsh

          Don’t think so. If a person is writing about borders and cannot spell this simple word correctly why should I give that person any credibility at all on more complex ideas (ie the concept of a border itself)?

          • Jo1

            I wonder if you realise how insufferably pompous you sound as you sneer at someone for a simple mistake.

            I know many people who speak more eloquently than they write. I know people who write very well but who cannot transfer that skill when it comes to delivering the spoken word with the same effect.
            It takes all sorts.

          • joeblogs

            Bill, I agree.
            Words are about conveying ideas – if they are not the right words, then the ideas are not right also.
            ‘Serve words right, and they will serve you well.’
            It is laziness not to take care with grammar.

          • Ray Raven

            Well said.
            Details are important, correct and accurate details even more so.

            If people can’t write or are too slack to write properly, then they shouldn’t.

    • Hatuey

      The only people I know who make blanket judgements like this about the nation state are people who don’t understand what it represents, its history, and what it evolved out of, and are too lazy to read about it.

      It goes without saying that there was trouble and strife before the advent of the nation state. There were also borders, between kingdoms, principalities, tribel lands, etc., and many killed and died for them.

      The simple truth is that the nation state system is the prevailing organisational structure we have. If we didn’t have it, we would have something else, or, worse still, nothing, which would most likely be more troublesome.

      For every war you show me that you can be attributed to a dispute over national borders, I will show you 30 national borders that have never been disputed or resulted in any wars. As the saying goes, “good fences make good neighbours…”

      Interestingly, you could probably make a case for saying that it’s the absence of hard national borders and nation states that is the bigger cause of conflict, i.e. Israel/Palestine, rather than their existence.

      • Ishmael

        Ha, bring it Hautey.

        I know just how nation states arose. & what they REALLY represent. & the real results of their modern form on the people. Brutally enforced & maintained.

        They have existed in the modern form for the blink of an eye, so we really don’t have to go back far. They are ALL totalitarian systems of control & domination arising out of & for ruling class interests.

        Worse for who? The American Indians? The Jews? The poor? Any minority you care to mention? Worse for thoes under the nukes in Japan? Worse for the millions dead during both world wars?

        & that saying? No “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall”…

        I say Frost & evidence is on my side. Show me a wall that made better relations between neighbors. They are the embodiment of bad relations.

        • Hatuey


          Here’s the problem you have in criticising the nation state which is similar to the problem a lot of people have with Trump.

          It is undoubtedly true that some terrible things have been done in the name of nation states. But, just as it makes no sense to judge Trump in isolation, it makes no sense to judge the nation state without giving us something real as an alternative to compare it with.

          In the case of Trump, the only realistic alternative was Hillary who basically pledged to start WW3. Looking at it like that, Trump was the rational choice. Now if we compare Trump to some hypothetical angel-like President who has never existed, then, yes, I will concede he was — comparatively speaking— a bad choice.

          It’s the same with nation states. What are you comparing them to? Are you comparing against organisational structures that really existed? If so, which ones?

          Maybe you think the Egyptian system was better, the Roman system, or the Inca system? Please tell us, and I promise when you do I’ll be come back and explain why I think your suggestion is exceedingly stupid.

          Maybe you are comparing the nation state to some hypothetical idea that exists only in your morally superior mind.

          • Ishmael

            Correction, most All terrible things have been done as a result of nation states. nothing compares.

            & no, city states that they arise from (of centralised power) where little better. I would propose not having these forms of unjust control & domination over people.

            “when you do I’ll be come back and explain why I think your suggestion is exceedingly stupid.” ..True to form then.

          • Ishmael

            i’d suggest what socialists have been suggesting for hundreds of years. Mutual aid, peoples control of the means of production, the erosion of the state & the forms of control they exploit us with.

            And it has worked in the past, for countless thousands of years for most people. And in the modern era of nation states, see Catalonia, until it was crushed by these forms of unjust power, e.g., capitalist & state “communist” nations.

            And they know it works, they just don’t like their interests messed with, they don’t like justice. & I assume nor do you in your wilful ignorant blindness.

      • Ishmael

        Who needs a wall with good neighbors? Nobody. & how can you make better relations while enforcing division?

        It’s nonsense.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Ah Ishmael, I look forward to reading your comprehensive study of the Thirty Years War prior to the Treaty of Westphalia 1648

  • Sharp Ears

    Message from REPRIEVE

    ‘An update on the campaign to end UK involvement in torture:

    The secret rewrite has been stopped. Our country’s torture policy – one so riddled with loopholes that it’s not fit for purpose – will now be reviewed openly, not behind closed doors as Theresa May wanted.

    This is what we campaigned for. But that’s only half the story.

    Our video tells the other half – that we can’t stop UK involvement in torture while past abuses are still being hidden. Can you watch the video and share it on social media?

    Theresa May might want us to think that her government has been transparent. But she blocked MPs investigating UK involvement in torture from accessing some of the most important evidence: the testimony of those in the agencies who may have witnessed what went on.

    Does that sound like transparency to you?

    We need as many people as possible to know the truth. Can you help by quickly sharing this video?

    Watch and share:

    By sharing the video, you’ll be helping to make sure that more people know exactly what we need and why – we need an independent inquiry into torture so we can know what went wrong and learn from past mistakes.

    We’re still waiting for the government to announce its decision. Please share the video before it’s too late.’


    • BrianFujisan

      Sharp ears

      Re Alex Resigning.. Check out the speed this croud funding is rising , 16 k in little more than an hour..Wow.

        • BrianFujisan

          Indeed RoS Spectacula Velocity

          I do agree with Alex that it’s for the best just now.

          • Republicofscotland

            Almost £25 gggs already, at this rate the target will be met tonight, and then some.

          • Republicofscotland

            Still 28 days to go, at this rate it will be worth more than the Maybots Sub-Saharan trade deals.

          • Rob Royston

            Yes, It’s flying in. From Alex’s message in the crowd funder it’s very clear that they are trying to stitch him up.

          • N_

            Former leader of the Scottish government, referendum loser Alex Salmond, is begging for money?

            I refute these two complaints of harassment“, he says, confusing “refute” with “repudiate”.

            He has no rich friends willing to pay his legal costs? No lawyers willing to act pro bono? If he wins the judicial review, and if he is totally innocent, surely he will then be able to sue his false accusers for the costs he has incurred? Or aren’t their pockets deep enough to provide the lawyers with their pound of flesh? There’s nobody with a bit of money who believes he is telling the truth and who is willing to lend him some dosh to tide him over until what they are convinced will inevitably be his complete vindication?

            How strange.

            Are his gambling debts so big? And if he’s got some gambling debts, who are they to?

            It seems to me that he’s going to come an enormous cropper. Next he’ll be “doing an Aitken” and talking about wielding his “sword of truth”. (Truth, not pork.)

            One problem with working for Russian intelligence is that sometimes they and British intelligence get on like a house on fire. Boris Berezovsky found that out.

          • N_

            Alex Salmond:

            Finally, I will continue to serve the independence movement in whatever role and whatever capacity I can. It is a rare thing to be devoted to a cause more important than any individual, it is a precious thing to cherish it and my intention now – as it has always been – is to protect and sustain that cause.” (emphasis added)

            How “rare” you are, Alex.

            This guy has serious ego problems.

        • Tony_0pmoc


          Awesome video of Alex Salmond.

          My first attempt at trying to send £10 didn’t work.

          I checked absolutely everything, and didn’t change anything, and sent £10 again.

          If Alex Salmond gets £20 from me, then he’s done better than Craig Murray and he can keep the change.


        • Kempe

          This is a guy reputed to earn £2,000 per week for his newspaper columns alone plus whatever RT and others are paying him but he needs to crowdfund his legal costs?

          Good job he didn’t end up as the first President of Scotland, you’d be well and truly bankrupt by now.

  • Ishmael

    And yes, as we see, then as now. Torture by the new religion is rampant. The inhumanity they are willing to enact in the name of the state knows no bounds.

    For the flock, this torture is done in YOUR name. Paid by your taxes. & It DOES work. It defines the state against the “other”. Who is so low against your highness. They are like animals next to the “us” and can be treated as such. Those lesser beings with “watermelon smiles”. Etc etc.

  • Ishmael

    I think it’s incumbent on any to fight for justice. But haveing just watched that speech, I don’t like how Alex interviewed “Indy” as some inherent just cause with what he now faces.

    I don’t know how much he has in savings & propery etc, resulting from his fight for a “separate” capitalist state. But I see little it would change for most who will never get a crowd fund for anything. Who are constantly fucked over by the system as a matter of course.

    Not knowing his situation I can’t comment much, but something sticks in my gut.

    • Ishmael


      Why are they always so wealthy? These “Servants”?

      What has he sacrificed? I mean just look as these people, then go into Edinburgh etc & see the poverty there.

      All the SNP look minted to me, I saw one of their meetings, all dressed up & looking like they just stepped out of a limo.

      No wonder is it, this cash took 5 seconds to arrive. Poor old Alex, defender of the weak.

      Has he said anything on Palestine lately? Have any of the SNP? Have any of them defended these attacks on JC?

      • Brianfujisan

        Has Anyone Else

        See Thats the Problem we Have..SNP BAD ..Don’t fall for it Ishmael

          • BrianFujisan

            There is a lot you Don’t Know About Scotland Ishmael..Thats all I’m Saying

            I get the hint that You are In Scotland

        • Ishmael

          The question is should they?

          & what is really better for people up north? Is it just grasping at vuage ideology & actually hoping JC fails to hold onto that? Or concrete proposals we can all find some potential in…

          I personally don’t look above for much. But as far as ordinary people goes our interests are shared. & are best served focusing on relations in society the SNP don’t seem to want to begin to approach. As they have little to do with who manages what up top. It’s how.

          It’s not JCs “goodness” that interests me. It’s the focus on relations of production. And maybe not even him, but thoes pushing from beneath.

          Facilitating worker control via failed private companies etc.

          And btw, yes they are bad for not speaking up. I’d hope for at least a couple to take a similar stance defending Palestinians. They really are in dire conditions. Any human being should.

      • SA

        The SNP have always attacked Corbyn, a common fault of the pretend left who think it is more important to attack someone with a closer ideology than to stand by them against the Tories.

        • Hatuey

          SA, what an absolute disgrace that you think you can say this when the opposite is exactly true. Don’t you remember stupid Ed declaring that he wouldn’t go into coalition with the SNP under any circumstances?

          Scottish Labour are officially committed to never working with the SNP or supporting any of their policies no matter what. This is official SLAB policy and they’re up front with it.

          • SA

            The difference also in case you need an explanation is that a nationalist movement is unlikely to be truly leftist whereas Corbyn, but not Ed , is. But then Hat, you have always been an elitist.

        • N_

          Some of us will never forget that the SNP brought down the Labour government in 1979, ushering Margaret Thatcher into office for the next 18 years.

        • Hatuey

          SA, let’s be clear, when you say “truly leftist”, you mean fake leftist. Labour were rumbled in Scotland before anywhere else. That’s where the apt term Red Tories originated.

          There’s nothing leftist about your Blairites though and if Corbyn is principled and different why can’t he give us a straight answer on a no-brainier like Trident? Or bombing Syria (a free vote)? Or austerity which he abstained on. Etc etc etc etc.

          Another fake that you mugs have fallen for.

          • SA

            You deliberately try to obfuscate. There is a battle going on in the Labour party between the Blairites and the elected leader. I was not a member of the labour party when Ed was leader but joined because of Corbyn. You also seem not to understand that Corbyn cannot fight the PLP at this stage without being subjected to the same vilification not only by the SNP but also by his own party, including the Labour party in Scotland. If you can finesse these facts you will begin to understand that Corbyn and Labour are probably much better for Scotland than the SNP. But as mentioned previously, you are an elitist who does not seem to appreciate that what Corbyn is trying to do is work for the many, not the few, which include narrow nationalistic aims.

    • Ishmael

      Come on then Hatuey. You got something besides one sentence put downs? addressing none of the points I made (as before) ..?

      I think not.

    • N_

      Has he actually said he can’t afford to pay the legal costs involved in clearing his name?

      Yet he is asking for money from ordinary people and he is saying that if there’s some left over than he’ll make sure it will all go to “good causes in Scotland and beyond”.

      I wonder how come his background in banking didn’t teach him to save some money for a rainy day. He has never had the financial responsibility of raising children either.

      • N_

        And then there are his pensions. Can’t he dip into them? They must surely be worth many times £50K.

        His begging for money from ordinary people is a joke!

  • N_

    Will former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks be condemning Melanie Phillips? Her views on immigration and multiculturalism are practically identical to Enoch Powell’s.

  • SA

    The big lie is that capitalism is good because it encourages competition. But currently capitalism is about concentrating more and more wealth in fewer hands. Competition is converted into buyouts and consolidations and cartels. Witness the big multipronged corporations, thier subsidiaries and the shell companies that protect their earnings in tax havens. It is often difficult to know who owns what until some scandal or misdemeanour or bankruptcy or CEO excesses surface.
    Capitalism is also about subsidising private profits through the tax payer, ensuring dividends are payed even when companies make a loss hidden by these subsidies. It is about preferential treatment for your cronies. Capitalism is institutionalised and legalised exploitation.
    But sadly at the moment the left is being distracted by a lot of diversions which occupy them. In fact the left has not had a renewal of a creed to develop from Marxism which is now being sidelined because of the complete emasculation of ‘workers’ by deunionisation, by unfair competition and by outsourcing due to fake globalisation only of capital. Soon the increase in robotics will mean that all manual work will be replaced and the majority of people marginalised at best to be useful only as consumers. Even then the conversion of monetisation into the most productive industry will mean that even consumers will be marginalised. The only answer to all this is the realisation that concentration of money is only aided by the exploitation by the few of what has been invented and made to run by many others who receive no benefits from these developement. It is only through the recognition that these developments should be classified as common goods that mankind can be saved from the greed of the ruling class.

  • N_

    Cambridge University animal torturers want to put microchip implants into the brains of hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from epilepsy. The leader of the project seems to be Christopher Proctor.

    Proctor has been funded by Whitaker International. A quick look brings up a connection with the Institute of International Education which seems to go back to Elihu Root, follower of the Social Darwinist Herbert Spencer. The IIE administers the Fulbright Program, one very important tool that the big business controlled US state uses to gets its hooks into leading academics around the world.

    • SA

      Epilepsy is a devastating disease and current treatment is not always satisfactory and involves the continuous use of drugs that can have long term side effects. Any efforts to treat this in a novel way is welcome.

  • Ishmael

    Brian. I have been to Scotland, several times. I know many Scotish people, & I’v discussed politics with them.

    Nothing remarkable or some secret knowledge I saw. I hate to speak genrally, but if I must, on one hand more awareness in some areas, but then a bit clan like & not very deep in others as a result of that.

    I certainly don’t get the impression there’s much radical going on overall. Just a lot of hot air about the British. It’s almost like a politics defined by the “other”. Identifiey defended by …Britain bad…

    Lots of blue flags, but no red & black.

    • Ishmael

      Identity* defined* by

      Sry I’m relying on my phone spelling a bit much atm, being lazy.

    • SA

      Under the current bizarre voting system the SNP are over represented in Westminster by a factor of almost 2:1 if we had a fairer representational system. That really gives them undue prominence at the expense of the Lib Dems and also labour. Just saying.

      • Ishmael

        Yea well, anarchist here.

        Even if they went full state communist I’d be against the whole notion of there “representative” clique.

        To represent me that’d have to sell themselves for nothing to a factory for several years until they felt nothing but a worthless piece of meat. Then go home to a block of flats full of drug dealers, sleep on a couch dragged in from a skip full of spiders, & try and keep warm as the wind blows the scant carpet up in the air.

        Then let’s see em talk about GREAT Britain. & how they serve us.

        • joeblogs

          Why don’t you take an evening class in English Language?
          You debauch my language with every post – can’t you proof-read your posts?
          I mean, ‘there’ for (presumably) ‘their.’
          Howlers, all of them. Is it a nervous complaint? If so, you have my sympathy.

        • joeblogs

          “Then go home to a block of flats full of drug dealers, sleep on a couch dragged in from a skip full of spiders, & try and keep warm as the wind blows the scant carpet up in the air.”
          With hard work and support you can get out of that pit – if you want to play cardboard communist, however, well good luck with that.

      • Jo1

        Under the current voting system ALL Parties are over-represented! Why single out one? What a bizarre position to adopt.

        • SA

          The net beneficiaries are the tories and the SNP. The biggest losers are the Lib Dems and UKIP and the greens. Labour is near neutral. This is according to projections. I can find the reference if you want. You can’t have everyone overrepresented can you?

    • BrianFujisan

      ” but if I must, on one hand more awareness in some areas, but then a bit clan like & not very deep in others as a result of that.”

      you are Ill Informed.

  • frankywiggles

    Theresa May and her cabinet joined the Conservative party when it ardently supported apartheid S.A. and regarded Mandela as a terrorist who should be hung.

    Uniformly regarded as ant-racists.

    Jeremy Corbyn spends his life campaigning against racism and for every oppressed group.

    Generally represented as a vile racist, as notorious as Enoch Powell.

    Theresa May repeatedly thwarts inquiry into bigwig child rapists.

    Annointed PM by her party.

    Fatty Salmond may or may not have grabbed somebody’s arse.

    Pressured into resigning in disgrace by his party.

  • Sharp Ears

    More of the same. Abby Martin’s voice is important.

    For immediate release – Aug 22, 2018

    The Empire Files is temporarily appealing for donations on a one-time and monthly basis to continue production in the midst of US attacks on the TeleSUR Network.

    As a result of US sanctions against Venezuela, The Empire Files has been forced to completely shut down operations.

    The Empire Files, which airs on TeleSUR throughout Latin America and on Free Speech TV and The Real News Network in the United States, has been funded through a contract with the TeleSUR network. As Abby Martin’s primary broadcast, it has released over 100 documentaries, interviews and on-the-ground exposés from battlefields in Palestine, Venezuela and beyond.

    As a result of financial attacks by the US government on the primary source of TeleSUR’s funding, production was halted before the completion of Empire Files Season Two.

    Season Three, contracted for 26 episodes, was scheduled to begin on July 1. But with the US government blocking wire transfers that originate in Venezuela, the ability to receive funding has not been possible.


    • Ishmael

      We must really find a way to help these outlets.

      I hear Tariq Ali’s slot is also gone?

  • Sharp Ears

    Here’s what the ex-chief rabbi gets up to when he’s not comparing Corbyn to Enoch Powell

    August 29th, 2018


    ‘The event Ronan Burtenshaw highlighted happened in 2017. The annual march that year coincided with a celebration of Israel’s 50-year-long illegal occupation of East Jerusalem. Sacks extended a “personal invitation” to Jewish people living outside Israel to join him on a visit which included the march and “dancing with our brave IDF soldiers” in occupied Hebron.’

    Read Ronan Burtenshaw’s Twitter from 28th August back.

    See the photo of the banner. ‘Palestine never existed (and never will)’.

    Ronan Burtenshaw
    contributing editor
    London, Englandjacobinmag.com


  • 1290 Referandum

    Its about time, the ungrateful sods who have a disproportionate share of the national political and other cakes, actually have the temerity to complain they are being discriminated against? All that remains now is for bercow, wellby and harriet harmans son to also join in this disgraceful gefilte fish camraderie. Sick.

  • Sharp Ears


    Fodder for the cartoonists. Her long pointed flat shoes looked weird too as she tried to march with the Nigerian military. This followed on from her robotic dance in Capetown.

    ‘THERESA May tried a bit of wardrobe diplomacy in Nigeria today by wearing an eye-catching bespoke jacket from a local designer. The Prime Minister sported a mustard-colour blazer from Okoro Emmanuel, a 27-year-old up-and-coming fashion designer from Nigeria, writes Natasha Clark.

    He is set to meet her in Lagos later today, where he will show off other pieces of his Emmy Kasbitt collection. And he told The Sun Online this afternoon that he was “so proud” to see the UK Prime Minister wearing his clothes.’. Ex Soaraway Sun

    Q. Did she meet the Nigerian cement billionaire?

    • Sharp Ears

      Yes, she did 🙂 but no photo. He’s going to ‘float’ on the Stock Exchange. Another nice bonanza for the Tory City boys and girls.

      Booming Brexit Britain: Nigerian businessman pledges to list $10billion major cement firm on the London Stock Exchange
      Businessman Aliko Dangote told PM he would be listing Dangote Cement in UK
      May visited Lagos, Nigeria to announce first UK-Africa financial partnership
      PM unveiled new agreements to ensure raising African finance after leaving EU

      29 August 2018 | UPDATED: 23:22,
      Britain received a Brexit boost last night after a leading Nigerian tycoon pledged to list his £7billion firm on the London Stock Exchange.

      And Theresa May unveiled new agreements to ensure the City of London plays an even greater role in raising African finance after the UK leaves the EU.

      The Prime Minister met businessman Aliko Dangote who told her he would be listing his firm Dangote Cement in London. ‘


      • SA

        According to Komodo, Cherie Booth has something to do with Dangote cement, non executive board member or something.

    • Alyson

      Maybot dances. South Africa discusses privatising its national bank (??? Madness). The ANC discusses redistributing the large areas of land owned by a few white land owners, and wonders whether it should compensate them… China builds high tech factories in South Africa and observes that only 2% of whites are unemployed while 40% of blacks are unemployed, and wonders if it can offer better training and education to bring more black workers into its entrepreneurial skills training, but is concerned that corruption influencing ANC negotiations makes it difficult to secure long term planning. China is building factories across Africa, staffed and mostly managed by local people. Maybot is on the make and Cherie is the advance guard. Dynamic!

  • Dennis Revell

    CORRECTION; apologies for original error:

    I SHOULD have posted:

    as an alternative social network (NOT mind.com); sorry.

    That is mindS.com – S is my capitalisation.


  • James Kier

    Salmond is innocent at least until we hear the truth. He agreed to waive his anonymity in 2010 when he and his Justice Minister Kenny McAskill supported Rape Crisis Scotland’s stance in rejecting preservation of anonymity for sex offences such as the former FM is accused of.

  • Alyson

    P.S. The tab at the top of this page on my tablet is titled ‘Facebook’ rather than WordPress. Oh well

  • luxetveritas

    I agree with your view of facebook.
    Facebook has been even worse to me.
    My local newspaper relies upon facebook to handle all letters and comments, and facebook has banned me so I can not even comment in my local newspaper. I inquired of facebook why I had been banned, and they do not reply. My local newspaper says the paper is owned by a corporation in West Virginia, which dictates all significant policies.
    I was banned after I replied to an editorial that claimed Russian had interfered with USA election, and also claimed that Russian had poisoned the Skripals.
    The irony is that I have also been banned here on this site by Craig Murray himself because I posted a comment about the French election.
    This posting is made under a pseudonym from a friend’s computer, otherwise it would not be seen here.

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