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“It was a very interesting speech by Dr Simone Gold, but immediately illegally deleted by Corporate U-tube.”

I disagree and immediately understood it was a political not scientific presentation when she refers to not calling it wuhan virus and references naming 1918 flu pandemic Spanish flu as an argument. The 1918 flu didn’t originate in Spain. And who the hell cares what it’s named.

” Illegal because they are meant to be a platform/notice board not a publisher”

That maybe what you want them to be. Google is an advertising company, your attention is the product they sell to advertisers. They can do what they want in regards to what they will and will not post. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you were you to say it shouldn’t be like that but ( a whole other discussion), for now, that is the situation.

“there was nothing in the speech that merited deletion”

Their guidelines are available to read.