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“… fact its a waste of resources, to vaccinate the vast majority of healthy people to, in theory, protect a vulnerable minority, when focused health care and therapeutics will be more effective.”

How many times do I have to repeat this so that you can understand:

  1. You are vaccinating the majority in order to achieve herd immunity and to make the virus less prevalent for everybody.
  2. There is still a considerable mortality for anyone above 60 years and those with other illnesses but who are otherwise well.
    For every person who dies of covid there are about 20 others who have very severe debilitating disease and who some of whom require support in intensive care. These are of any age above 20 years.
  3. Many who recover have long term health problems related to this serious infection.
  4. There are no specific therapeutics for covid-19. Many agents have been tried including two antiviral agents, hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and steroids. Steroids help some people but is not a magic cure. Nor are any of the other drugs known to have any major effect on the course of the disease.

So please Dave I have answered your questions. I don’t think I will answer them again and if you persist in saying the same things then it really doesn’t mean that they are true. You obviously have not seen anyone close who has Covid-19 and until you see it first hand, you will continue to deny its seriousness.