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I just watched an episode of Grand Designs, about a man with MS converting a cave home, which was the most uplifting piece of television I have seen for a long time – and thus naturally not on the BBC. I was particularly pleased as recent episodes had concentrated on rather unpleasant stinking rich people building luxury palaces, to the extent I was thinking of giving up on the series.

The connection is a stretch, but on the subject of homes, I am not surprised by the media witch-hunt against Michelle Thomson, an extremely effective new MP. The Police have confirmed that Michelle herself is not under investigation. As always, those who challenge the British establishment will come under every angle of attack that can be contrived. Michelle should resist the pressure being placed upon her by hypocritical unionist politicians and media, and everyone should calm down while the police inquiry into the other people involved is concluded.

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48 thoughts on “Grand Designs

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  • Ishmael

    Ba’al Zevul 1 Oct, 2015 – 9:46 am

    Wow, they really have become vile people. Living very well of public money, then espousing the “self employed” ‘free market’ ethos like they ‘made it’ themselves.

    How do they sleep?

    It’s pretty disgusting. especially when the tiny amount that goes to some who have no such opportunities or inheritance are demonised, and when it’s actually people at the top who rob society of any level field, crash the economy ect.

    Couldn’t make it up could you? the levels of moral depravity some people people have…

  • fred

    “The connection is a stretch, but on the subject of homes, I am not surprised by the media witch-hunt against Michelle Thomson, an extremely effective new MP.”

    What media witch-hunt? I’ve just read the BBC News web site and there’s hardly anything about it.

    “The Police have confirmed that Michelle herself is not under investigation.”

    Of course not, the SNP own Police Scotland.

  • Ishmael

    Politicians should get the same as people on ‘benefits’ social security. The disparity between the two should be equalized and fall at some middle ground….That would be some change in society. I would have ‘made it’ a long time ago with that kind of money…

    (I haven’t signed on in years btw) I’d rather die than face that degradation again. I’m not kidding either. It’s not about using state money it’s the degrading process of getting crumbs that barely allow subsistence, In fact it’s a lot less than you need to stay healthy in many respects, and people who are on it deteriorate over time..

    This is what Assad doesn’t get, you don’t ‘barrel’ bomb your people in the open, you murder and degrade them through financial strangulation in the dark.

  • Ishmael

    Ps, Do I assume then (by what he said) Cameron is ok with violent overthrow of government?

    Myself I think we can do better, but it’s good to know he’s on board with this idea..

  • nevermind

    Thanks for that link to the Telegraph, Ba’al, the comments under the story speak for themselves. He and his local thugs have ruined Blackburn, undermined its democratic institutions, services and its jurisdiction.

  • fred

    “Before the Unionists start crowing they should take a look at themselves. Their MP’s operate in the same manner, especially the Tories.”

    Well yes, precisely, that is the point they are making, that’s exactly how Tories operate.

  • Merkin Scot

    I liked grand designs when it showed people who were doing something that benefited us all whether it be saving a listed building or innovating sustainable living in some way.
    Not any more.
    One of the repeat episodes this week showed us a thoroughly odious man who owned ‘a slew of properties’ and who was using the media to help force through a planning application.
    He repeatedly said, something like, “if we don’t get this extension we will not be able to live here as a family”. I thought of the masses of homeless people who don’t own ‘a slew of properties’ who would jump at the chance of living un such an un-extended house lacking either music room or billiard room.
    Cummon Kevin time to remind why the programme was good.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    Alex writes:

    “Indeed, July polling indicates that 54 percent of British voters would “prefer to abandon nuclear weapons rather than put money into a new generation of Trident warheads.””

    As a general comment, I’d say that although 54% of those asked may well have replied in that way, one needs to be rather careful when interpreting the answers given to pollsters.

    It is important to look both at how the question is phrased and at the amount of context given.

    In this particular case, if the question (I assume for the sake of argument that the words used were as given above) had been augmented by something along the lines of “..even if these would men a diminution of the UK’s defensive capabilities”, then who is to say that the responses might not have been difficult.

    I am reminded of opinion poll questions on increased spending on the NHS or education, which asked respondents whether they would like such increased spending and would be prepared to see their own income tax increased to pay for it: the majority responded with a yes. But when it came to general elections, parties that said they would increase income tax for those (and similar) purposes did not do as well as those which promised no increase in income tax (and were believed).

    To paraphrase a French saying from the beginning of the C20, “French people speak from their hearts but vote with their wallets”


    Footnote: there is a good case for more spending on the NHS and education …provided that the extra spending does bring about concrete, lasting and verifiable improvements.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    Jemand correctly reminds us that:

    “Nicola Sturgeon was recently outed as a crass hypocrite for failing to make good on her promise to accomodate Syrian refugees in her home. I think Craig made a similar commitment — any news on that?”


    To which I’d add: and there were several vociferous commenters on here who went very quiet* when I asked them if they would consider offering such (temporary) accomodation for just one such refugee.

    * well actually, a couple went very quiet and a couple starting throwing insults around.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)


    “Incidentally, I see Blair has roped in Matteo Renzi, his Italian clone, and the former Chilean finance minister, Andres Velasco, to add their two lira/peso’s worth in damnation of Corbyn.”


    On a point of detail, shouldn’t that read “two Eurocents worth” in the case of Signor Renzi?


    Well, you did say the gaoler should let me out a little more… 🙂

  • vronsky

    Re Thompson not being under investigation. This is because as yet no crime has been proven on the part of her solicitor. If (when) it is found that a crime has indeed been committed, only then does it become relevant to investigate others who logically might or must have been involved.

    Thomson’s only possible defence is that, although a property dealer, she was unaware of these large payments from Hale, or did not understand their significance. This amounts to claiming that she is a complete moron.

    In short, the SNP is absolutely right to distance itself from this lady.

  • Jemand

    Good comment from G H Graham @8:41am

    I’ve often raised the issue of housing inflation being oddly described as a “good thing” while general inflation is supposed to be a bad thing. Strangely enough, those who own, buy and sell properties appear to have a much better life than those who don’t.

    Of course there is a massive scam operating the real estate industry. Agents enjoy larger commisions on higher prices; engineers charge inspection fees many times to prospective buyers for building inspections that are carried out only once; conveyancing firms and lawyers charge hundreds or thousands for filling in some forms; mortgage brokers (salesmen) pretend to find you a better mortgage deal; banks (the big winners) enslave you for 25 years in a job you hate but cannot afford to leave and squeeze more than twice the cost of the house out of you. And then the government charges a transfer tax/duty just because.. just because they can.

    But even those who rent aren’t spared the bullying and exploitation. This woman is getting kicked out of her home of 23 years to show the world how ‘compassionate’ Neu Deutschland is to ‘refugees’.

  • Jemand

    Habb @4:39p

    Yes, I recall some folk offering up a room or house or cardboard box to some needy refugees. But promises are as cheap as the words that carry them. It reminds me of my visceration of this blog’s club for using the word “compassion” as if saying the word were the same as feeling the emotion and feeling it was as good as doing something good about it. The blog weirdos attacked me for tearing off their masks and showing them up for what they are – phonys posing as do-gooders when they are really do-nothings.

  • glenn

    Jemand: So what’s your solution then? Being as xenophobic as yourself, there’s no price to pay. But you’re free to sit back on your lazy arse and criticise others for not doing _everything_ themselves. That’s a pretty comfortable position for you to sit back and criticise from.

    Same with all your miserable attitudes… denounce “class envy”, while you mock the poor for being aghast at the excesses of state capitalism troughers. Gladly see poor-shaming, and blame the bottom of society for problems caused by the excesses at the top.

    Your shameful shilling for the Establishment is a very tired old act. Try and suck up to the obvious leader for you, Habbabkuk, if you will, maybe he’ll throw you a bone if he’s being generous. But don’t mistake it for respect, as Villager/ Alcyone has done.

  • Jemand

    Glenn, i feel embarrassed wasting my time replying to your abuse. But since it benefits you more than me, I consider it an act of charity and shall do it in the spirit of hope for a better world.

    I’ll enumerate to make my points clearer and have it serve as a ready reference for future engagements.

    1. Solution to what? I needn’t have any solution to any problem in order to have a valid criticism of others’ opinions. Pointing out that pouring petrol on a fire won’t extinguish it does not require me to have a ready alternative. Do you see?

    2. I don’t criticize people for doing nothing. I criticize people for parading their purported emotions as if it the same as doing something and who then go on to attack others for refusing to fall in, lockstep. Can you explain how your outpouring of “compassion” is the same as field workers who do the dirty work? Do you see the difference? No?

    3. Habbabkuk and I are like chalk and cheese. Our opinions and views are very wide apart yet, because of his preparedness to maintain civility and call out liars, cheats and phonys, I accord him the respect he commands. Can you see how polite society differs from tribal savagery? No?

    Hope that helps.

  • Ziggy

    [ Mod: Stuck in spam queue, timestamp updated. ]

    It’s now become Top Gear…with buildings

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