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Pigeon English: “In principle I am against censorship but when people ignore facts and keep going with same disproved arguments drives me crazy.”

You should love our resident repeat-bot denialist Dave, in that case! One of his favourites is to pretend the death rate from Covid equals fatalities divided by the entire population. It has been repeatedly pointed out that this number is totally false – it should be fatalities divided by those infected. But Dave likes his version, because it makes the fatality rate appear much smaller. That allows him to be dismissive of the danger this virus causes.

Another thing denialist Dave likes to do is talk about vitamins and “therapeutics” – as an alternative to lock-downs and hospitalisation! No, seriously. He thinks “therapeutics” have never occurred to medics, and that all governments world-wide are damaging their economies with restrictions for a laugh.

There are plenty more examples, if you stick around you’ll see them again and again, because denialists apparently have zero shame. They have their weak, unsupported assertions comprehensively dealt with, then they just bring them back as if we would have no recollection of that fact.