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What is strange is your unswerving and complete faith in Navalny. He polls about 2-3% and gets nowhere. The recent palace video is a scam. The story of this palace is at least from 2010 but it is not constructed by the Russian state according to Moon of Alabama and Dances with Bears which seems to be disabled at the moment. You see I am not really pro Putin, all leaders have their own faults but Putin has pulled Russia out of a catastrophic time post the Yeltsin years and is popular in Russia. The life expectancy of males in Russia has been constantly improving in the Putin years. But at the end of the day, it is up to the Russians. In this blog we have a Russian who experiences life in Russia, yet you accused her of being a Putin supporter because she did not confirm your biased information obtained from western sources that have a vested interest in denigrating Russia and actually, Russians in general.
I have no connection with Russia whatsoever. I just happen to love Russian literature and music and culture. A country that has been constantly invaded by the west and that has not invaded anyone in living memory deserves to be taken more seriously than this silly propaganda. Also you seem to think that assassinations by a state is OK provided it is done somewhere else. And there is no clear evidence that Putin or the Russian government has assassinated all those people. There was great lawlessness in Russia in the Yeltsin years and there is still a considerable Russian Mafia I am told and there many internecine killings and also