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    Interesting analyses of the Navalny Novichok hoax by John Helmer.

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    Oh! My! God!
    Who are those “designers” who do this to Mr. Helmer’s website? Oh my!
    If they prefer combination of grey and red, well, I don’t mind, it maybe very style in most cases. But why, oh why are they so mercyless to the eyes of a casual visitor? Dark background and white sans serif font with minimal spacing! Crammed headlines that differ from the crammed body text only in that they are uppercase!

    I recently visited BellaCaledonia website, guess it was some link in Mr. Murray’s Twitter, well, I can survive the general naivety in the design of the news, not quite in the style of minimalism and primitivism, but it has a right to exist. But Helmer’s site is simply meant to bring all sorts of eyes to cataracts!

    That woman Pevchikh was in camera last week-end, I appreciate her effort to look feminine – boudoir style messy hair bun, 3/4 long sleeves, close fit dress … I even understand they maybe couldn’t find another place for the microphone, to save the drapery of the neckline …
    But the general ruthlessness of this stylistic “delicacy”, the cold emerald tone of the dress and the cold saturated pink color of lipstick and nails, clearly intended for the Winter color type of appearance, suddenly is pulled over Maria Pevchikh!

    Hey, don’t they teach some Arts and Crafts in British schools?

    I only noticed it because the channel’s host mentioned, that Maria’s native city is Krasnodar. I was surprised! Margaret Simonyan is from my region, some of the Pussy Riot girls is also from here.

    * sorry, just a Sunday evening off-topic * 🙂

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    Pigeon English


    1. Once you start using extensively “regime” I consider you propagandist not open to honest discussion.
    2. You say you would rather live in bad democracy than Russian sham democracy.
      a) do you mean you would rather live in UK than Russia or bad democracy is better than sham democracy.
      For me UK and USA are sham democracy.
      What is difference between bad democracy and sham democracy?
    3. You missed the chronology of events.
      Friends Allies and Partners imposed sanctions on Russia, based on dubious Skripal poisoning allegation.
      Russia, as common practice (“tit for tat”) did the same.As a Christian Putin should turn another cheek?

    4. When our Saudi Friends and Allies butchered a journalist (proven beyond doubt) it was short-lived news and no action taken.
    5. Corbyn was metaphorically killed! Russian sham parliament at least have 40 communist representatives.
    6. Did you watch, non-computer-generated image Putin castle documentary posted by Tatyana.

    Enough for tonight

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    As this forum thread turned to be about Navalny…
    Today Mr. Murray posted in Twitter

    “Extraordinary. Dissident Navalny gets two years in jail 2,000 miles away (which I also condemn) and the entire UK media go ballistic.
    I face two years in jail in a political prosecution here in the UK. The UK media are perfectly fine with that because I am a dissident.”

    Mr. Murray, seems like you don’t follow the news and don’t care of what people you align yourself with. The fact that Navalny calls himself ‘dissident’ doesn’t mean he’s sued for his political activities.

    I’ve commented in your Twitter

    “Don’t forget that his brother got a jail term for this crime. Navalny violated 2 times last January, then February, March, July, August. 3 times the courts considered and refused, only extending the probation period. He’s a lawyer and knew well what he was doing, I think.”

    More detail is in this article in russian:

    Also, I see today is another court hearing, Navalny vs WW2 veteran on defamation case

    One more time, Mr. Murray, I’d like to drive your attention to the fact, that you and Navalny have very little in common. The biggest difference is the basic respect for humans around.
    I doubt you could sometime say to a WW2 veteran that he is a corrupt lackey, he raised his grandson as a prostitute and that his relatives would strangle him at night.

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    1. your perogative.
    2. Why don’t you go live in Russia? Go on then. Send me a postcard. As I said earlier, we don’t have State Terrorism, Russia does.
    3. The main sanctions came in from Russia exporting their ‘democracy’ to Crimea. The West made sanctions against key individuals close to Putin, Putin then made sanctions on food imports from Europe that directly hurt the people of Russia – the collective punishment was imposed from the Russian side.
    4. Again I’m not defending the West, I think our leaders are horrible too. That doesn’t make Putin a force for good.
    5. He might have been metaphorically killed, but he is still alive. Nemtsov is dead. What good are 40 “communists” when the main opposition leader is barred from participating in elections and opposition leaders are murdered by the FSB?
    6. I did watch it and now I’m convinced Navalniy is a Western spy and Putin is a force for good in the World.

    Good luck with your new life in Russia.

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    I find this attack on Putin somewhat blinkered. Putin is an individual and is where he is because of a number of reasons. He has been elected and repeatedly and according to various sources, he is still very popular in Russia although this support is weakening because of shortages. I believe the most recent crisis in Russia is the near doubling of price of potatoes rather than the jailing of someone who deliberately breaks the rules.

    You can, with some reason, say the elections and the power structure in Russia, are rigged, but in general terms the government is still much more concerned about its people than the equivalent government in U.K. in forums in this blog, you will find a lot about government corruption and rigged elections and justice meted to dissidents in this country. State terrorism in the west may be more sophisticated, and nothing illustrates this better than the reason why Assange is being pursued and persecuted is because he has exposed state terrorism. You seem to ignore the hundreds of years of state terrorism resulting from our imperial past and the current imperial superpower structure to which we are aligned and fully subscribed, that to you, is not state terrorism because it is meted to lesser people elsewhere.

    Whilst the structures and governance in the west are cozily presented as democracy, whilst still exploiting the rest of the world independence administering terrorism by war, Russia and others are fighting for their independence and in some cases their survival. Remember how Iran had been treated in 1953 and how Russia was treated between 1991 and 2000 and maybe you will get some insight.
    You also seem to prefer the supposed democracy of the Current chaotic Ukrainian western imposed regime. To the peaceful democracy transition that Crimea now enjoys. I wonder whether the Crimeans get a choice to decide or leave it to you to decide.

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    The major opposition in Russia is not Navalny who is an irrelevance. The best thing that can happen is that he should be allowed to stand and show the low support that he will get. But he deliberately breaks the law in order to appear to be a dissident. That is his value to the West, not his popularity.

    The West has a huge responsibility of not interfering with nascent democracies. Democracy can never be forced as it needs painstakingly slow background civic structures. The colour revolutions that the west foisted on many countries have not resulted in real democracy or stability. The west can in many way be accused of stunting democracy in these parts of the world because any democracy in the world has to have the stamp of approval of western hegemony.

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