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“the lesson here which will be deliberately missed…”

Indeed. By the corporate media. That is why I so often advocate that term to those who instead refer to the “mainstream media”. It speaks for corporatism, and against the interests of the mainstream of people. Plus the term is defeatist.

“the distancing of government from being responsible for its people…”

Highly ironic that every government from Blair’s onwards has stressed “national security”. Successive UK governments have provided virtually zero security to the population. There has been hardly any security against this virus, therefore there is hardly any security against biological attack either.

But this is just one aspect. Immediately following the poisoning of the Skripals, the UK government ranted about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed threat to “national security” while the UK hurtled towards collapse from inadequate energy reserves. Of course the corporate media gave blanket coverage to the Skripal nonsense, whereas it gave the gas crisis three mentions (and two of those in the Financial Times) before a change in the weather saved us, less than 24 hours from the electricity going off. During winter a single depth charge on the Langeled pipeline would bring the UK to its knees within a week, as would a simple failure; how are aircraft carriers, mass surveillance and nuclear weapons meant to protect us from that?