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From the Telegraph:

“A British man has died and four others have suffered a dangerous blood clotting condition after being given the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) confirmed on Thursday.

The five men, aged between 19 and 59, suffered from Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST), although the MHRA said it did not know whether it had been directly caused by the vaccine.

The regulator urged people to continue getting the vaccine, adding that fewer than one in a million cases had been recorded after a jab and a causal link had not been established.

The condition is so rare that it is difficult to establish an underlying rate for the population.”

That last sentence is a classic. It’s as if two people who’ve both taken a new kind of pill at different ends of the country have both been found the next day with their heads turned round back to front, and then somebody says that since there are very few cases of that happening to people who haven’t taken the pill then we can’t say whether there’s a link.

As for “establish a causal connection”, those are fancy words. Do 17 committees have to meet, half the backhanders from AstraZeneca have to be put into escrow in the Channel Islands pending the possible award of even bigger contracts in the future, and proof established by “eckshpurts” at the 95% level before anybody should even consider the possibility that it might be safer NOT to accept this vaccine? When we are talking about blood clotting that is actually killing people right now in many countries, do you want to be 95% confident that a certain activity causes it before you stop doing it?

That’s pretty much exactly what Big Tobacco used to say about smoking. Asked “Do you accept that smoking causes lung cancer?”, the cartel’s line was always “it may”.

It is a fact that the government are pushing vaccination even on those who are known to be immune because like the prime minister himself (so we are told) they have had a very nasty SARS infection that caused them to require treatment in an intensive care unit. The number of people who have survived such bad cases of Covid-19 and then been infected again and had Covid-19 again (I’m not talking about “long Covid” here) is minuscule. I mean yes I am sure we can say that if they come into contact with 10000 times the viral load that made them ill the first time then there may well be an appreciable risk, but that is getting into the ridiculous. Enough with the bullsh*t arguments and questions such as “Can you be 100% sure of that?”