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For giggles this morning I took a look at Mr.Goss’ site again.

“At a mechanistic level, the concept of immunity to COVID-19 via antibody induction, as per COVID-19 vaccination, is medical nonsense. Airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 enter the body via the airways and lungs, where antibody concentrations are too low to prevent infection. Vaccine-induced antibodies primarily circulate in the bloodstream, while concentrations on the mucous membranes of lungs and airways is low. Given that COVID-19 primarily spreads and causes disease by infecting these mucous membranes, vaccines miss the immunological mark.”

Very little blood flow to my lungs eh? I will check later to find my gills because I have to have gas exchange going on somewhere. This paragraph is such utter garbage I couldn’t but mention it. Mr.Goss, please go and pick up and read an O-Level basic biology book and read the chapter on lungs/lung function/gaseous exchange and whilst there read the chapter on cardiovascular system. As you say Tatyana, “People just don’t listen and make no effort to understand.” You couldn’t make this comedy up.