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I hold up my hand and admit that I watched the Andrew Marr show this morning to see how much the BBC devotes to such an important event as what is happening in Palestine. All I can say is that it proved that AM is a failed political commentator because he failed to get any meaningful answers about the current massacre of innocents Palestinians. He asked Hancock about the current ‘escalation’ and the bombing by Israel of a high rise housing many news outlets including El Jazeera, AP and MEE. and what the government was doing and the answer was, that the UK government has left it completely to the US to deal with this and that is all we have time for.

The lack of concern for the attack on agencies reporting on the ground, and the international convention to protect the press is shocking. This is the same policy that the US has adopted in Belgrade and later on in Baghdad and is now accepted behaviour of those countries that “abide by the rule of law”, presumably the law of the jungle.