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    This is intended to be a thread on the current physical conflict in Palestine between the Jewish-supremacist fascist occupationist regime and the Palestinian population.

    Two things I’ve noticed about the media coverage in Britain by Israel-helper organisations such as the major newspaper corporations and the BBC are as follows:

    * The items of ordinance launched against the fascist side by the resisters are always called “rockets”, never “missiles”. The word “rocket” sounds more “raw” and assists with portraying the resisters as if they were savages.
    The difference between “rocket” and “missile” isn’t huge, but no editor dare step out of line. It would be far more than their stinking fascism-helping job was worth. Meanwhile the fascist side is described as “launching air strikes”, never as firing rockets or missiles.

    * Verbs such as “rain down” and “pound” are used for the effect of the resisters’ missiles – “rockets” are said to “rain down on” or “pound” Israel – the point being to portray the fascist side as the innocents, who can’t even go out or walk along the street without Arabs putting their lives in danger.

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    A sarcastic article shows how this manipulation of what is happening and how it is presented as balance.
    Of course when Palestinians are injured or killed, it is their fault, caught whilst being Palestinian, or slightly kinder, because their leaders are so bad and don’t want peace.
    And then we come to the moot point of the inalienable right of self defense. Apparently this is also relative, all have the right to self defense, but some more so than others. Her is Ned Price avoiding the question as to:

    “Do Palestinians have a right to self-defense?” US State Department spokesperson Ned Price avoids answering reporters’ questions regarding the latest escalation between Israel and Gaza.

    Then there is this blatant admission of theft by a settler: “If I don’t steal your land somebody else will”

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    Pigeon English


    At first I agreed with your perception and having you in my mind
    while following news in background I started do disagree.
    Imagine describing barrage of Hamas “rockets” as barrage of
    ground to ground missiles.
    Do you believe that Hamas missiles are equivalent to modern weaponry?
    My main objection to reporting is

    a) 95% of rockets are shoot down.

    b) We know how many rockets are fired but no one asks how many Air to Ground missiles were fired

    c) Palestinian rocket makes a hole in the building while Israeli takes building down

    d) Israel has right to defend itself and bloody has capabilities “Iron Dome”(b) and yet they retaliate like occupying force in WW2

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    Pigeon English

    How long before Iran Syria and Hezbolah get blamed and build up to war starts?

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    Here is an article from Caitlin Johnstone entitled “The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because Of Phone Cameras And The Internet.” Be sure to look at all the video footage linked to within the article.

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    Its not looking good for Europen and American Israelies. After decades of being able to steal from, squat, kill imprison the indigenous people in Palestine the future looks very bad. They are now uniting the whole Arab world against Arab leaders, who say and do nothing. Cheap drones are no longer the preserve of rich countries. Tanks Jets aircraft carriers can all be killed with cheap missiles. The settler squatters in their hubris and greed have written their own apartheid demise.

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    Extremely disgraceful behavior by the west now, latest:

    ‘Together we stand by Israel’s side,’ says Austria’s Kurz & flies Israeli flag. What about dead Gaza children? Twitter users ask

    How does this moron benefit from Israel commiting warcrimes or even crimes against humanity? Scum!

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    Re those ‘Gaza Rockets’

    Googling ‘gaza rocket technology’ gets an interesting NYT article.

    Apparently they are unguided missiles made of scrap piping, mostly fitted with dud shells fired by the Israelis.

    As a means of returning fly-tipped junk, it is ironic, no?

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    The Israeli state is using a chemical weapon against unarmed crowds.

    The use of such weapons is banned in war.

    That Al Jazeera article is a masterpiece of pretending to be against Israel but surrounding the “news” with such a load of verbiage as to cause many readers to nod their heads in something halfway between passive agreement and sleep. Get to the f***ing point. Put it in the “lede”. How hard is that to understand? Somebody should tell the editor how to do his job. But of course then he would upset the owners…

    “<i>Skunk water is a liquid compound with an overpowering odour that has been described by those who have experienced it as the smell of sewage mixed with rotting corpses. In reality, it is a concoction of chemicals that causes intense nausea, obstructing normal breathing, causing violent gagging and vomiting. The company’s safety sheet also indicates that it can cause skin irritation, eye and abdominal pain. Palestinians have also reported that it causes hair loss.</i>”

    I guess one could say the princes in Qatar aren’t quite as friendly with the Israelis as the princes in the UAE are, but that’s about as far as it’s reasonable to go.

    Of course tear gas and CS gas are also chemical weapons and they are used by states other than Israel. But they are known. We are supposed to call the new Israeli weapon “skunk water”, but it’s not water and the fact that it smells bad is probably not the most important thing about it if it also causes violent gagging, vomiting, eye pain, and abdominal pain.

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    I guess it’s better than shooting live rounds. Invented by Israeli firm Odortec. “Although it may induce a gagging reflex, the company says skunk is made from “100% food-grade ingredients” and is “100% eco-friendly – harmless to both nature and people”. Huh! I read that a number of police departments in the US have purchased stock piles of it.

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    I hold up my hand and admit that I watched the Andrew Marr show this morning to see how much the BBC devotes to such an important event as what is happening in Palestine. All I can say is that it proved that AM is a failed political commentator because he failed to get any meaningful answers about the current massacre of innocents Palestinians. He asked Hancock about the current ‘escalation’ and the bombing by Israel of a high rise housing many news outlets including El Jazeera, AP and MEE. and what the government was doing and the answer was, that the UK government has left it completely to the US to deal with this and that is all we have time for.

    The lack of concern for the attack on agencies reporting on the ground, and the international convention to protect the press is shocking. This is the same policy that the US has adopted in Belgrade and later on in Baghdad and is now accepted behaviour of those countries that “abide by the rule of law”, presumably the law of the jungle.

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    I was reminded of some gruesome stuff watching Bourdan’s “Parts Unknown” on Netflix (good show). He was in Laos. Over 270 million cluster bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War (210 million more bombs than were dropped on Iraq in 1991, 1998 and 2006 combined); up to 80 million did not detonate. Less than 1% of these munitions have been destroyed in more than 40 years. The US has contributed approx. 90 million after Obama visited to help i.e. SFA. They lost that war too.
    20 years in Afghanistan and now pulling out having lost, again. The US should quit warring because they are shit at it. Of course it’s not about the winning, it’s about the money spend. There are no rules that are adhered to. Perhaps the tide of opinion is turning in Israel a little.

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    The Zionists are going into overdrive, as usual, making British newspaper editors, police chiefs, and politicians touch their forelocks as they associate anger at the massacre in Palestine now being committed by Jewish fascists with stories of how Jews in Britain are being subjected to violent and threatening behaviour. For example see this piece in the Daily Sieg Heil Operation Guardian of the Walls. “It comes amid reports that a senior London rabbi was attacked by two youths near his Essex synagogue,” and so on. “The Finchley Road footage, along with other incidents that have emerged following large pro-Palestine rallies over the weekend, has received cross-party criticism.” What a sentence that is! Scribblers who work for that foul rag must be so proud: from 1934 to 2021.

    Cui bono?

    How strange the Shomrim were unavailable to intervene at the kind of speed they boast about…

    “the Met Police have been working closely with the Community Security Trust”. No surprise there.

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    Accurate words from Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al Malki to the UN Security Council today:

    “Israel is trying to uproot Palestinians from Jerusalem. It’s expelling families, one home, neighbourhood at a time. Israel is executing our people, committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Each time Israel hears a foreign leader speak of its right to defend itself it is further emboldened to continue murdering entire families in their sleep.”

    And those foreign leaders know what they are doing. By saying the Zionist entity has the “right to defend itself” (which they NEVER say about the Palestinians), they are conscious accessories to the war crimes and the crimes against humanity.

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    If you are reading this and you have some spare money left after donating to our host’s legal defence campaign, you might consider making a donation to aid the Palestinian victims of the ongoing Israeli atrocities. One charitable organisation that is currently appealing for money to help provide emergency medical assistance (including surgery) to those who have been injured is Islamic Relief. If you are not a Muslim, the correct box to tick on the site when asked whether your gift is “zakat” or “sadaqah” is “sadaqah”. IR is not sectarian and has worked closely with Christian churches.

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    Perhaps a soundtrack containing the words against “the Jews” was added to the video of the London “convoy”.

    This is war. Don’t take anything at face value.

    Audio and video together make a powerful medium.

    The idea that is being presented in the media of middle class and bourgeois Jews in “North London” or “Finchley” cowering under their duvets – just as their great-great-greatgrandparents may have done in Russia when the Black Hundreds arrived on horseback – because a small number of unarmed men have driven along the road waving Palestinian flags from their cars is rubbish. It’s propaganda.

    Incidentally the cars and jeeps driven by those who collect money in the area for “the State of Israel” often carry Israeli flags. And many young people who carry British passports go and do military service for the said terror state, happily swanning back to Britain afterwards without getting jailed for terrorist offences, let along having their British citizenship removed. Talk about fighting war on other people’s territory!

    Which is rather the point. The Zionists consider that area of London to be “theirs”. It’s an open secret that it is protected by “community defence” units who pack as many guns as any other criminal gang in London, but who have much stronger intelligence support and better contacts in the “legitimate” British state than the Adams family elsewhere in London, the Noonan family in Manchester, the Hong Kong 14K Triads, the Yardies, etc. Those “defence units” aren’t the Shomrim. As far as I’m aware the uniformed Shomrim don’t even carry truncheons.

    A media campaign in Britain saying “Jews are under attack” when forces of the Jewish state are massacring civilians in Gaza, the world’s largest concentration camp, is normal. But its scale this time may be bigger than normal…

    The question is whether this means a bigger attack than usual is underway, or whether it’s just a function of the British prime minister having a stepmother in the family that controls Marks and Spencer.

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