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The Zionists are going into overdrive, as usual, making British newspaper editors, police chiefs, and politicians touch their forelocks as they associate anger at the massacre in Palestine now being committed by Jewish fascists with stories of how Jews in Britain are being subjected to violent and threatening behaviour. For example see this piece in the Daily Sieg Heil Operation Guardian of the Walls. “It comes amid reports that a senior London rabbi was attacked by two youths near his Essex synagogue,” and so on. “The Finchley Road footage, along with other incidents that have emerged following large pro-Palestine rallies over the weekend, has received cross-party criticism.” What a sentence that is! Scribblers who work for that foul rag must be so proud: from 1934 to 2021.

Cui bono?

How strange the Shomrim were unavailable to intervene at the kind of speed they boast about…

“the Met Police have been working closely with the Community Security Trust”. No surprise there.